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18 Apr 2007

People are too scared to speak or go against people like her. Generalmente people do not tell you why they have left because of her. I cannot tell you why but you only have to spend a few minutes in her compania and you will understand why. Maybe you could make this topic so that it covers the rest...

Re: Most beloved Shiva's presence in Sakar

04 Mar 2007

Dear Truth I hope you can answer my questions, because like your name, they will reflect that truth which many of us try to evade. Murli points are twisting (some are towards BK, some are towards PBK). Baba's Murli depends on students sitting in front of him. Its like waves in a lake. Do you not fee...

20 Feb 2007

Did i read somewhere that there is no such thing as the Subtle Region and it was only created so that it was easy to understand. However it would seem from this thread that many are still trying to understand!!! I think spirits are all around us so maybe Subtle Region is around us it just depends on...

30 Sep 2006

Thanks for making me feel so welcomed.

29 Sep 2006

I thought I would post here as this will by first post too.

I too hope this community grows and finds truth because that is why we became BKs in the first place.

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