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sandoc kumar

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

09 May 2017

Anything concerned with Lord Krishna is a matter of great religious faith among Indian Hindus. Lord Krishna is the Hindu God and not just a deity. BKs claim of Brahma Bap to be Lord Krishna can be a very sensitive issue with the Hindu Organisations and lead to a major backlash. Since BKs keep this k...
sandoc kumar

Re: New timeline for the Golden Age-Interpretation of Video

09 May 2017

Sister Shivani has explained the ways to develop deity virtues, so that souls become worthy of starting the Golden Age, that also in a "Subtle" or mental manner. She claims that no one knows when physical or actual Golden Age will begin. In fact, she has clearly stated that since souls are...
sandoc kumar

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

07 May 2017

BKs have a strong Media Wing and an equally powerful Legal Wing comprising of lawyers and judges. These wing people are kept happy and contented by annual retreats at Mount Abu, where they are given a warm hospitality. Only good spiritual lectures by best of BKs or Non-BK teachers form the acedemic ...

Re:Follow Brother

06 May 2017

These BKs by killing themselves renounced their bodies and thereby also body-consciosness. They have very Intelligently neutralized their karmic accounts through intense suffering in one go. They are sure to be re-incarnated in the Emperors' Dynasty, along with all those with surname Kriplani, in th...

Re: BK Shivani Verma - exploring the truth behind the name

04 May 2017

Sister Shivani No doubt got her name and fame through the BK platform. She must be under obligation and compulsion to speak out in favour of Bkism. She is intelligent enough to understand the real motives of BKs. She, herself, may never believe in many things which she has spoken for the BKs. Everyo...

Re: BK News: Overcrowding Problem in the Subtle Regions

02 May 2017

To get a very high position in satayug society, a BK must settle his past karmic accounts, as fast as possible. Out of the two ways to achieve this, the Yoga way is comfortable but then has no parameters to know the fulfillments. The other surest way is through sufferings. These are a guranteed succ...

Re: BK News: Overcrowding Problem in the Subtle Regions

01 May 2017

9 lakh BKs have to collect in the Subtle Regions as Advance Party. They will only then re-incarnate to start the Satayug. More and more BKs have to die to make it to the Subtle Regions, as Angels. The BKs must accept this simple theory. Instead of desiring the death of 700 crore non-Bks, they should...
sandoc kumar

Re: BK free world by 2036

28 Apr 2017

Most BKs will die By 2036. The old ones by the natural process, the younger ones in absence of financial, social and family support are likely to die early. Health to a great extent has become a purchasable commodity in the modern world due to immense progress in the Medical science. The BKs give up...
sandoc kumar

Re: Potential of a Victim-- For NewComers

24 Apr 2017

Once we associate with the BKs After 7 day course, they always will first estimate your potential to donate/serve. If you are rich, you are a potential for money and property. You are then treated very well, with alot of attention. You are coaxed repeatedly to visit Madhuban,where you are given a wa...

Re: BK News:Fresh Visit to Subtle Regions

22 Apr 2017

After the Cancelled BapDada Milan, the scenario in Subtle Regions was very painful. Brahma Bap clad in a lungi and banyan was siitting on a self-made throne of mud and stones, instead of jewels and was surrounded by Advance Party BKs in a pensive mood. The Long wait for Sat Yug was getting far too m...
sandoc kumar

Re: BapDada Milan - Vanishing Act

10 Apr 2017

Opened the television late today, eager for BapDada Milan. But there were no signs of either Bap, nor Dada, nor the Sick Dadi on the Show. All 3 souls missing. It seems that they had enough of these fancy Milans and have finally given up, losing all interest. The shows name was changed to Senior B.K...
sandoc kumar

Re: BKism or Fatal Gamble

08 Apr 2017

BKs are depending heavily on the concept of re-incarnation. That after working as Yagya Servants in this life, they will get their rewards of health And wealth in the future re-incarnations. Reincarnation, has been a belief used by most religions and philosophies since the beginning of human civiliz...
sandoc kumar

Re: Brahma Bap as Lord Krisnna

01 Apr 2017

Murli after Murli, very clearly it is mentioned that Brahma Bap will be lord Krishna and go on to be the World Ruler. Now like the BK Gyan has revealed many other unknown facts to the ignorant Kali yugi mortals, this hard truth should be high-lighted to the whole world. In fact, the temple authoriti...
sandoc kumar

Re: Limitations of the Murli God

29 Mar 2017

The God of the Murli is Basically a Grossly Frustated Hindu God. He hardly ever speaks for his children of other religions. He criticizes and find numerous faults with present Hindu practices of Bhakti in Every Murli . So he wants to change the low grade Hindu devotees. Those who are willing to cha...
sandoc kumar

Re: What Frames a BK

29 Mar 2017

The two inherent weakesses of human beings; greed and escapist attitude. Greed for materialistic pleasures and the fun of Satyug and not just for one life but 21 lives. And then the waiting game for Satyug starts, and the desperate hope for the end of the present World. Ultimate Escapism. Freedom f...

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