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Re: My wife is under extreme influence of BKs

04 Jun 2017

Hi. I am 40 and children are 13 and 5. I tried all what you are saying. I went to center and talk to Sister Shivani's mother. They are saying, "we are not teaching this and that". But no result. She is now heavily influenced by her. She is ready to give me divorce however she is saying, &q...

My wife is under extreme influence of BKs

04 Jun 2017

I am also facing shocking experiences of my life. My wife is under extreme influence of BKs. She goes to a center which is almost run by Sister Shivani's mother. She has not allowed me to touch for last 1 year and resisting for last 3 years. In fact, she is OK if I go to outside which in-turn increa...

Re: BK Shivani Verma - exploring the truth behind the name

24 Apr 2017

Absolutely true @ fearless.soul. They relate anger with everything. They are preaching a) if you adopt celebacy - no anger b) if you do not go to hang around, parties, no socials, or even go to family functions - no anger If a person is not interacting with anybody, including her husband - then wher...

Re: BK Shivani on Transparency & Sex Abuse (it must've happe

22 Apr 2017

Dear Sister Shivani or whomsoever reading this. Though I want to discuss all this in person but want to highlight some social issue which is arising due to following BK. BKs are imposing forced celibacy to those men whose wives are following your organization. This leads increasing other bad aspects...

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