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Re: What Can We Learn From The Children of Cults?'

14 Sep 2018

Thank you Mr. Green ... sincerely thank you.

Sometimes I think you all have so very successfully detached, dis-joined, etc. I know that "time takes time" and work. With this site and determination, I have to believe it will end.

Thank you.

Re: What Can We Learn From The Children of Cults?'

13 Sep 2018

Ex-I ... You said that, "This is a good reminder and underlines the importance of what we do here ...". I think saving my life was another ... although I am sorry to say, I still feel like going back sometimes and may; but then, so far, I have caught myself. I cannot imagine where I would ...

Re: Sex, sexlessness and marriage

17 Jul 2018

I have found much of all of this subjective. I have needed almost every viewpoint, every experience, every fact as can be verified, to help me discern what I need to do in helping myself be released from the bonds they all have over me and, sometimes, continue to have over me. It has been PROFOUND t...

Re: The BKs are finished

14 Jun 2018

There is a celebration of Western BKism "40 years of service" currently happening in California; another just occurred in the other retreat house in NY. They are actively promoting the past, as well as the future, with Sister Jayanti coming to the States in September. New programs, from wh...

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

08 May 2018

That's wonderful Mann! I sincerely appreciate the update; it give me hope that I can continue to detangle myself. I am very happy for you!

Re: Recent Cult Documentaries (Rajneesh, The Buddhafield etc

05 Apr 2018

The documentary "Wild, Wild Country" was discussed on an American TV show today, "Megan Kelly", along with the 2 directors of the film. I saw some clips of this while in NYC and was very interesting. Was told it's now on Netflix ... when a previous Australian woman deeply into th...

Re: BKWSU Rebells Begin to Showup

30 Mar 2018

Is it possible to find this in English? Thank you.

Re: BK Denise

25 Mar 2018

I am exactly where you are now, human being, even though the BK meditation keeps me stuck at times.

I am more "unstuck" at present, than stuck. However, as they know you are leaving, they "up the ante" and go after you more.

That is my present experience.

Re: "The Shift II"

22 Feb 2018

"Are held by it" aptly describes this Brother, my friend. After over 25 years he still believes, but is pulled by them.

It won't be run by Mohini, I hear she is quite ill at the present time.

Re: "The Shift II"

21 Feb 2018

Does anyone know if this group still meets in Germany? I was told by a BK friend, that there is an entire group of "alternate BKs" who feel like this; they are waiting for the changes to take place with the death of the Dadi's and moving forward in their spiritual life following Shrimat, b...

Re: BK Denise

18 Feb 2018

Met her many years ago in the States; bad blood between her and Mohini. Met again in Madhuban where she was very nice 1;1; but during a session, barged in, took over and demanded whatever she wanted be taken care of regardless of the 30-50 souls present attending the group. Totally different affect ...

Re: US Based Cult Intervention service for families

28 Dec 2017

Thank you ex-I !! - this is so much needed!! And thank you Andrew! I am thinking of consulting due to the fact I keep feeling a "pull" to go back with full knowledge this is not God, as well as all the factual info given by ex-I and this highly valuable site. I do not want to get caught up...

Re: Dear friends

22 Dec 2017

Jann ...

you have been here a long time; myself very new to the site. But I have read a great many of your posts and I wanted you to know that it has helped me with my family.

I thank you.

Best to you and yours ...

Re: Brahma Kumaris Censoring the Internet

19 Dec 2017

WELCOME sitara! I, too, have read but am new in posting these past few months and I am eternally grateful to this site, to ex-I, Pink Panther, GuptaRati6666 and all the many others who have withstood so much to start this site, continue it, especially against all odds. Ex-I, I don't know how to prop...

Re: Brahma Kumaris Censoring the Internet

18 Dec 2017

There is ABSOLUTLEY a huge effort to end this web site. I have known, or rather "heard" about it for years .. first from a Brother in Boston who is an IT person and very knowledgeable. I had no real idea at that time what it was, is, or anything much about it. Upon exploring, I was warned ...

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