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Re: Jayanti marking her territory

21 Jun 2020

News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 10 June 10 June 2020 No Daily News Update from Jayanti since June 10th ... Must be really having a swell time in the vacation resort !!! Or ... is she reading or getting input on the updates on this site and realized that she is making a *** of herself and stopped...

Re: Jayanti marking her territory

16 Jun 2020

Jayanti continues to share and entertain the BKs with her spiritual endeavors ... The bold and arrogant BK flaunting her vacation resort experience, while the poor lowly workers keep toiling to earn their daily bread ! The spirituality in Jayanti's experience is overwhelming, spreading the fragrance...

Jayanti marking her territory

12 Jun 2020

Looks like Sr Jayanti is marking her territory in Mt Abu, establishing herself as the next "unofficial" head of BKs. There is now a Daily Update of "News from Jayantibhen", which contains very important messages ... example ... I was going to travel from Abu Road to Mt Abu, but c...

Re: Buy the Products: BKs own line of spiritual consumer goo

07 Jun 2020

How much political/money clout do the BKs have in Abu? How's the current relationship between them and the locals? I don't have personal knowledge on these 2 questions. However, knowing/seeing how things function in India, between these type of organizations and the political clout they wield, I wo...

Re: Buy the Products: BKs own line of spiritual consumer goo

05 Jun 2020

The great paradox of Abu is that it is supposed to "the purest place on earth" for the BKs ... yet it is also a honeymoon destination! So the jungle is not the only place there's wild life at night going on. To be objective, I think this type of situation does not reflect on any individua...

Re: Buy the Products: BKs own line of spiritual consumer goo

02 Jun 2020

Where is smoke, there is fire so, there would be real estate agents within the BK org, in Abu Road/Mt Abu, who must be running a Real Estate side-business. Let me correct myself .. NOT side-business but primary business . Also, this would be with The Knowledge of the BK leadership (some if not all) ...

Re: Buy the Products: BKs own line of spiritual consumer goo

01 Jun 2020

Property in Bharat 31 May 2020 Dear Jewels of the BK family, Greetings of love! You may receive an invitation from individuals and organisations in Bharat to buy property where you can come and settle in India. Our suggestion is not to take up this offer. It’s best that you stay settled in the coun...

Re: Buy the Products: BKs own line of spiritual consumer goo

29 May 2020

wonder how it changed? This is well represented in the BK teachings themselves ... lo behold they did not realize that it was them leading the charge. Past Murlis have stated that " Towards the end ... Bharat was at the top and it will be the worst. ". And what do we see now ... the BKs g...

Re: Buy the Products: BKs own line of spiritual consumer goo

25 May 2020

Sick minded people, masquerading in the for spiritual followers ... Surely, they are reaping the benefits ... One soul (Janki) couldn't get enough people at the funeral ... sorry affair. Another soul (Gulzar) in the hospital for aeons ... totally forgotten by the clan/cult ... unfortunately unable ...

Re: Brahma Kumaris at Abu Rd Shutdown due to Covid-19

20 May 2020

The joke is, the people breaking the law ... are supposedly the most enlightened spiritual beings/BKs in the world. Wouldn't/shouldn't take these news items on face value. The BKs and the Administration are hand-in-hand, where these type "gate lockdown" is truly a farce . See below, where...

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

12 Apr 2020

Why are people in India are soooo careless about this? It bothers me a lot. :/ Why is there no revolt against this cult? Not even a single person seems to report to police! Let's raid them together! YEEEAAAA I can feel your urgency to address the impact of this virus, impacting so many lives. While...

Hypocrisy to the forefront

11 Apr 2020

The height of hypocrisy in the BK organisation, exhibited and perpetuated by the "so called" Seniors is mind boggling and nauseating ... a special treatment for these Souls will be certain, but not in the Golden Age but in hell. A nice example, would be the circumstance under which Dadi Ja...

Re: BKs have announced new figureheads; Ratan Mohini & Ishu

05 Apr 2020

I suppose in the short term, it's a policy that avoid any debate and, god forbid, the need for any democratic process? How many of the original Om Mandli are left, enough to see them through until Destruction? Those old Sindhis sure did have good genes when it comes to longevity. Gerontocracy, &quo...

Re: Dadi Janki's death

31 Mar 2020

The best tribute to the departed soul and regard to Baba's teachings would have been to follow the repeated saying "Amma Mare To Bhi Halwa Kaye" . Loose translation in English ... Even if your Mother dies, eat Halwa (Sweet). Celebrate to the point of being so detached ... But then, that wo...

Re: BKs fear mongering on Corona virus pandemic

31 Mar 2020

Dadi Janki has also ascended to the angelic region which indicates that it’s time for the world drama to restart . Right ... BrijMohan would know ... since he is the computer guy ... Restart is very much familiar to him ... Ctrl+Alt+Del = Restart ... On the computer he can also schedule a Restart ....

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