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Re: BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's birth again

29 Aug 2019

Hi Pink Panther, I agree with your points, it never really made much sense, but then you must have faith in what the supreme has said. Watching that video did take me back, I did enjoy my visits to Madhuban! Here are some other points I can recall on the subject: * all souls have to return home to t...

Re: Madhuban and BapDada Milan Experience

22 Mar 2019

I'll share my first BapMilan experience, it was in the days when all the double foreigners would get one to one dristi from BapDada. I went with no expectations, and did my best to maintain a clear and open mind. On receiving dristi, time slowed down for me, and I recall just being lost the moment. ...

Re: Left BK after 10 years ... !

21 Mar 2019

Hi ex-l, All you've stated is so true. Let's not forget serving without a break, getting dehydrated and skipping meals. It does take a toll on the body. Receiving a toli at the end of the day for your efforts was nice, but it did not restore one's health. The service I loved the most was: "coul...

Re: Left BK after 10 years ... !

20 Mar 2019

I initially found great benefit with Raja Yoga and the Gyan. I got a lot of support and strength going through difficult events in my life on this path. After 15 years, I found myself moving on from BK life. Many thanks to this website for showing me the flaws, ugliness of the Yagya and allowing me ...

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