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Re: The oxygen of all cultic mechanisms is deception

18 Mar 2019

Its completely honest and it provides peacefulness to our souls and minds.

See some BK Online Services my friend has initiated.

BK Murli Today : 4 Languages, Adding new 3 in this week.

PMTV LIVE : Live Peace Mind Channel

BK Murli Hindi : Special Hindi Murli Section

Re: The End of the World is Coming: BKs Buy More Property

15 Mar 2019

No. BK are not buying lands. We (they) use this mother earth to help people get shelter and provide food.
They spread the love and peace.

You need to read Murli and see some PMTV videos

pmtv live
BK Murli today

Re: [Campaign] Murli requests from BKs to BrahmaKumaris.Info

14 Mar 2019

Hello BK Brothers, I want to start online service. I will share all Murli website links to groups and Whatsapp and Facebook.

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