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Re: How leading BKs cover up minor sex abuse incident

16 Apr 2020

I have travelled with BK Sarla, that lady wasn't inspiring not even by the definitions of BKs. I remember she had to shop for her center and I was there to suggest her. I did not help her much after looking at her not so simple and pompous choices. She always travels with some rich family who can pa...

My ‘guru’ raped me, Brahma Kumaris devotee tells court

04 Feb 2020

My ‘guru’ raped me, Brahma Kumaris devotee tells court Brahma Kumaris fake claim of Spirituality has been completely bastardized; time and again they are hitting new lows. Another rape incident within Brahma Kumaris. Still their followers will neglect all the facts and criminal acts and will say- &...

Re: 16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

14 Nov 2019

Dear Ex-I, What he thought or what he did not, I have no idea about. He was from a different city. All I know is that he actually did that after getting affected by BK classes and their theory of purity. Well, I don't have links because it wasn't any published news. It was a thing that I heard in th...

Re: 16 year old writes, "Help save my family from this cult"

13 Nov 2019

I remember this post on Reddit, it was trending on that day on r/India sub. I texted and talked to him.

I also remember few other cases that came my notice in 2019, there was one DIVORCE IN 3 DAYS BECAUSE OF BKs, & there was, if I remember the age right, a case of Vasectomy of a 22 year old.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Punch, Burn & Head Shave Servant in Stree

03 Nov 2019

Following were some of my newspaper snips that I took on the next day of this video incident.


news against bks shahjahanpur.jpg

Re: Brahma Kumaris Punch, Burn & Head Shave Servant in Stree

01 Nov 2019

You are right. They are senseless people. They aren't enlightened at all, they are only thriving on their fake publicity. They are they Indian Institute of Planning and Management of spiritual field, even worse than it. Just want you all to know that the one who did this, the center in charges: they...

Re: Brahma Kumaris Punch, Burn & Head Shave Servant in Stree

01 Nov 2019

Well, well well! This was my story. A journalist friend of mine posted that video, we must thank him. Grateful to the daring person who shot this. The video went viral on social media platforms, (how it went viral is another story) then next day it was picked up by many newspapers. I have those clip...

Re: Defrauded $250,000? BK Shivani says, "It's your karma"

01 Nov 2019

BK Shave-aani says lots of such beautiful things. And she is quite experienced, I don't know why you guys are saying ill things about her. She is so experienced in her topics that she recently took part in the discussion and shared her views about PREGNANCY WELFARE on NDTV .

Re: Tragically Deceased BKs: Sister Jayanti Chasing £1m Home

31 Oct 2019

It's sad to hear, but not unexpected. Brahma Kumaris have been involved in so many such cases, I remember there were cases in Madhya Pradesh, another in Uttar Pradesh, and in Delhi as well. There are so many such cases of different types, at different levels. They have acquired so many such properti...

Re: "This is my first text here", Oceanlam

08 Oct 2019

Thank you so much for kind help. Just wanted you guys- ex-I, Pink panther and oldbk, to know that I have been reading and saving your replies from last some years and using it. Those have helped me a lot in my work. Your replies today made me feel really good. I will definitely be of some help and a...

"This is my first text here", Oceanlam

07 Oct 2019

Okay, so this is my first text here, though I have read and observed enough on this site. You guys are doing some really good work. I have been a silent reader and observer, I waited for some good months for my ID to be activated here. Just wanted to know that how can I share something in new topic?...

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