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Re: WhatsApp Group for ex-BKs and Families in India

13 Mar 2024

We are making a series of Podcasts of ex-Bks, Suffering BKs, Friends and Family of BKs who are directly or Indirectly affected by Brahmakumaris organisation. We already made 3 podcasts.

WhatsApp Group for ex-BKs and Families in India (also Podcasts)

17 Jan 2024

I am from India. I have a small Whatsapp group of ex-BK and suffering family, what should we do? I will always with anyone who wants a movement against the BKs.

Re: Destruction did not take place in 1976

13 Jan 2024

BK Quote : Only a wise mind can understand Destruction did happened as per their predictions. Yes, many lives have been destroyed (Many literally committed suicides), many families destroyed, many careers vanished, many relationship broke down. Yes, destruction did happened as per their sayings. Al...

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

08 Jan 2024

Anyone from India, suffering due to the Brahma Kumaris may join me or call me on: +91-7417638112.

Latest BK Suicide (Pictures)

14 Nov 2023

Brahma Kumaris Die By Suicide In Agra, Name 4 Ashram Employees In Note Officials said there was a dispute between the two Sisters and their maternal relatives, who fled the Brahma Kumari organisation with ₹ 25 lakh ($30,000). 1.jpg 2.jpg Agra: Two members of a Brahma Kumari centre in Agra died by s...

Re: Spiritual Family disowning you

23 Sep 2023

Shivani Meet Shehnaaz Gill and transformed her to more vulgarity.

Re: Leading BK Pretending to be Famous Actress for 15 Years

30 Jun 2023

What was going on in this case? Was she really pretending to be the actress, or was it some kind of nickname, in the way that the BKs pretend to be characters out of vedic scriptures? No, it's not a nickname. She was literally fooling the people around in her classes and also on interviews, that sh...

Re: Anything goes - One more deception

28 Jun 2023

See how the dirty, Shudra, merciless soul shown the pity and mercy on the so called divine, merciful and the chosen soul by the ocean of truth the God almighty. BK Prabha Mishra is a senior BK and conducts many classes in Madhuban/Centers. BTW Prabha mishr...

Leading BK Pretending to be Famous Actress for 15 Years Caught

27 Jun 2023

Revealed: Bharat Bhushan's daughter Aparajita Bhushan is not BK Prabha Mishra, the real Mandodari of Ramayana, the reality came out after 15 years • For the last 15 years, people have been considering Prabha Mishra, who is associated with the Brahmakumari family, the actress who played the role of ...

Re: New forum for BK/PBK followers

13 May 2023

Why you guys keeping yourself hidden?

Why not come out in open and do some action against the Brahmakumari organisation as a whole?

United we will expose them for sure.

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

03 Mar 2023

My wife is following BK since last four years and due her my twin childre male and female are in trap of BKs, I have no contact with them since last one year. They are with my in-laws as they all follow BK. I should I do, I am free from their end, trying to make people aware regarding BKs and helpin...

Re: Lekhraj Visions

01 Mar 2023

I think the BKs are doing illegal migration to USA and Canada, has any one here information? Please inform.

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

21 Feb 2023

BK senior now that they are in doomsday cult.

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

11 Feb 2023

Likewise, the case of Naval. I had a cases whom I talked and they complained more or less the same issue though not so much in detail as that of Naval. 1 lady, a housewife told that she got some type of scenes (not dream), in her day to day activity. She said Brahma Baba speaks to her through others...

Re: Average Age of UK BKs is 61

04 Feb 2023

And how they going to reconcile the suicide cases of Ranjana Patel, and then many like her, who threw away their lives out of severe guilt of having a boy friend and having sex after getting into BK-Gyan, when BK indoctrinated in her mind that having sex is like falling from 5 storied building? Shou...

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