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The BKWSU will not change

09 Dec 2009

From: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership . Dear Brothers & Sisters from the "Torch": My name is Pablo Munoz. I am from Chile. I was a BK from 1994 to 2005. I visited Madhuban 5 times, lived at Raja Yoga centres and moved for 2 years to Paraguay to start a BK cent...
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Audacity and the BKWSU

31 Oct 2009

I became a BK as a teenager and left at about age 21. I guess when I left I thought I would just try to get on with a normal life and put the BK experience behind me - go to college, get a job, meet new people etc, and that time would heal ... However, it did not happen and I am kind of embarrassed...

Chauvinism, misogyny and using women as free labor

30 Sep 2009

From On Celibate Marriages: Conversion to the Brahma Kumaris by jannisder in the ex-BK forum. Let me borrow this from another topic and, since these bossy guys pulling the strings are on top of the hierarchic pyramid, let me put them at the beginning of my post, so that I can hold them responsible &...
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What is Worthing Worth?

10 Sep 2009

In " What is Worthing Worth? ", Rosie wrote: Over recent years I have seen the development of Worthing and marvelled at the fact that the Charity Commission haven't pinned the BKs up against the wall. The thousands spent on refurbishment, plus all the skills and free labour that Brothers h...
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When to tell a friend to wake up

18 Aug 2009

Rayoflight wrote in When to tell a friend to wake up on 18 Aug 2009. Two metaphors: The organization is the wife, the friend/"lover" is the mistress. The Brahmin never marries the mistress and always goes back to the wife. The organization is a drug and the Brahmin is an addict. The "...

Prosecuting an Ex-Cult Member's Undue Influence Suit

02 May 2009

From the International Cultic Studies Association website . The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) is a global network of people concerned about psychological manipulation and abuse in cultic groups, alternative movements, and other environments. This article is an electronic version of...

Enduring characteristic of my dealings with the BKWSO

10 Apr 2009

Posted by rob on 09 Apr 2009. I do drop into these forums from time to time to see what is happening in the former BK community. I am usually very busy working, so I catch up in the breaks. I did not know Esther, but still the tragedy touches me as a person because this latest suicide seems to adver...
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Signs and Warnings of Mind Control

03 Apr 2009

Posted by jannisder on 02 Apr 2009 Signs and Warnings of Mind Control Mind control starts from the moment you feel that your body is dirty and the world is a graveyard. That sex is worse than murder, and the food of your own mother is impure. That the rest of the world is Maya, and the only truth is...
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Lee James and BKWSU Australia

24 Mar 2009

Posted by diiogenes on 07 May 2008 A bit of a late reply to this thread but, as I knew Lee quite well (we were in the same year at NIDA), what I have to say may flesh out the picture of this soul who recently expounded the significance of the Mayan calendar. Prior to our BK lives, as an actor, I kne...

Thank you – the many dimensions of this website

23 Feb 2009

Posted by cypress on 22 Feb 09. For some time now I have wanted to write a thank you to this website, to those who initiated it, those who spend countless hours running it, and all those who speak out and contribute to it. And a special thanks to butterfly, whose heartfelt thanks encouraged me to fi...

Spiritual growth & relationship with Baba/God after BK

23 Feb 2009

Hi The great dilemma for me after leaving BK was my relationship with God and my fear that I wouldn't continue to grow spiritually. It even took me a while to stop considering myself a BK long after stopping going to the centre. A big consideration for me was my love for God which was there before ...
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God has Some Serious Issues [2]

02 Jun 2008

What did XBKchat Do for You? & God has Some Serious Issues - posted by: Uddhava on February 1, 2005 I haven’t been here long but yes, my views changed already. Prior to this forum, it seems that there has been remarkably little about BKWSU available on the internet. There were the official BKWS...

I Thought I’d left before… & What is the meaning of ex-BK?

02 Jun 2008

I Thought I’d left before ... & What is the meaning of ex-BK? - posted by: flipper on May 8, 2005 Greetings! Now I can firmly consider myself to be an ex-BK. Before, I was just angry with the BK family and quietly left. My faith in Baba (Lekhraj Kirpalani) was fainter but still, quietly within,...

Enjoy the Beauty of the Present Time!

02 Jun 2008

Enjoy the Beauty of the Present Time! - posted by Joel on July 6, 2005 Life itself is so much more interesting than any of the descriptions of what it is should or could be. Life is much bigger than any possible description. Life’s deepest joys and satisfactions are open to anyone, not a chosen few...
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End of the World?

02 Jun 2008

End of the World? - posted by: Atma on August 14, 2005 As anyone who has been here for a while and read my posts would know, I have been an ex-BK for a long time and have been critical of the BKs. That said, it may surprise many to know that I too, like the BKs, believe that this world is heading t...

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