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Re: Om Radhe renamed Saraswati in 1953 Divine-Incest-Wedding?

25 Mar 2009

Or are we too acclimatised to the abnormalities of Brahma Kumarism OK, ex-l, I will take some more time and tell you the details, for that I should once again browse through the books. I do not feel burdened if people like you trust me. I think you have not studied the old Hindi literatures of BKWS...

Re: Om Radhe renamed Saraswati in 1953 Divine-Incest-Wedding?

24 Mar 2009

Huh, you threw too many questions at me. No doubt I will answer one by one, I do not know English well because I love my language Kannada. 1. Look, ex-l, I do not want to buy your views on Lekharaj Kripalani’s sexual misconduct, and I will clear your doubt regarding that. It is written in the biogra...

Om Radhe renamed Saraswati in 1953 Divine-Incest-Wedding?

24 Mar 2009

Eldest Sister of Chandramani (late in charge of Punjab zone) and Shantamani (in charge of all Divinely surrendered workers Mt. Abu) is Hrudayapushpa. She was the in-charge of Karnataka zone till her death in 1996. Immediately after her death, one Kannada writer wrote her biography in Kannada. Here s...

What type of Supreme God proclaims to committ Divine Incest

24 Mar 2009

pururavan, some of us still have families within the system. Given a choice, most of us would like to be incognito (for various reasons)! But, I do appreciate your lead on this. Way to go!! We all humans commonly know and follow two types of Father-Daughter relations.They are 'Consanguinal' (i.e. b...

Old Brahmakumaris Evidences & British Museum

24 Mar 2009

Beautiful Evidence from British Musem Hi, ex-l. Can you tell anything regarding this whether any interested person like me can be allowed to see or get the photocopies if any such chances permitted by the British museum authority. OM Mandali’s evidences from this website alarmed me because most of ...

Re: Shall We Meet at Selected City & Discuss to Expose BKWSU!!!

21 Feb 2009

I will work for food but I want to see evidence of what you think you can do first. Slagging them off ... verbal attacking ... is not enough. You wont destroy so set out to change them for the better and protect newcomers. You have to have a sincere game plan. All these days I was busy with my new ...

Shall we meet at a selected city & discuss to expose BKWSU?

08 Dec 2008

Hello Everybody I am really fed up with the way you people spend your time here chatting about BKWSU leaders crimes and fraudulent activities :sad:. This website makes me feel like a Jail, where a prisoner speaking to other prisoners in a different cells like the one in Andaman's Kalapani cellular j...

Re: Om Radhe (Mama) and her writings

07 Jun 2008

By: Pururavan (newcomer) on June 7, 2008 Someone mentioned something very interesting of how Lekhraj Kirpalani and Om Radhe used to go off together and visit the home of Lekhraj Kirpalani's son when they wanted a break from the Yugya experiment. How did Lekhraj Kirpalani's wife feel about all that? ...

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