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Re: Is BKism an Indian thing?

02 Mar 2009

We are above nationality if we accept the doctrine of individuality, but anyway are we not of the same family. Many of us were probably Indian in a past life. Even Budhism has lost all Indianess, this could be about the nature of religion or the psychology of religion? Identity within religion. http...

15 Jan 2008

Not with Raja Yoga. And yet with Raja Yoga you are allowed to go and mess around with individuals minds at equally as deep or even deeper level. At least in traditional guru chela systems you have to stick around for years, may be 7 or more before they will allow you to go out and practise the trad...

Official BKWSU responses (was Natives are getting restless?)

10 Apr 2007

Openess is what we need. Sometimes though I feel more BK than ex-BK. Though the BK ideas are very much in your face, I mean with things like the end of the world; but where is the discussion? It is fair to say that every BK is also partly ex-BK, though I hasten to say vice versa . http://BKWSU.blogs...
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26 Mar 2007

I found this site through a comment posted to my blog


22 Nov 2006

It has been a while since I posted, but one has to wonder ... God works in many ways, as there are many paths up the mountain, though I find no fault at all with the Murli, with humility and respect to BK and ex-BK. Without the psychology aspects I would argue my point that the BK Teachers may have ...
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My first post on this forum

15 Jul 2006

I confess I was left alone because I was invariably a borderline BK. I do enjoy the guitar, but many of the Murli songs used were Bollywood songs. Once anew it's that the best angels were the best demons, so I can view both sides, but we are all mortal, even angels. My belief as well as the BK God's...

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