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Re: Om Shanti

07 Jun 2009

Hello everybody, I joined this forum today and ready to learn more and more on spirituality.Pls. help me Welcome! I just have a few thoughts and questions to share. Do you know what you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want? The more deeply you can answer that question for yourself, the less likely you are t...

Re: Shocked about this Page

28 May 2009

One day, she will choose to be honest with herself. This allows her make her own decision, to be right. The other way you ask her to admit she is wrong. The more you push, the more resistance. Has anyone here ever left BKs because of logical argument from others? I think these comments by Terry are...

Re: I am a newcomer and having difficulty using the site

18 May 2009

There is a lot being discussed here and a lot I would like to reply to, but one thing at a time. what I see is a definite resonance between the "heavier" aspects of BK teachings & culture and the pre-Vatican 2, Irish Catholic tradition she was born into and informed by. I don't know mu...

Re: I am a newcomer and having difficulty using the site

09 May 2009

Hello again starchild. You touch on some very significant issues with the BKs here: The huge added difficulties in the BK environment are; firstly, they are self focused, so the lack of awareness of others feelings is more pronounced. You obviously experienced the harm of that firsthand. I remember ...

Re: I am a newcomer and having difficulty using the site

29 Apr 2009

Hello starchild, and welcome. It's nice to hear a new voice. I am not a great technological wiz either, but trial and error seems to work well enough. You've made it through the registration process successfully. I hope you will stay for a while and experience the magic of the forum. It's never too ...

Re: The Absolute Truth

26 Apr 2009

But because we conceive it in mind does not make it so in fact. Now that's the absolute truth! Searching for truth implies searching for a concept in our own conceptualised, external environment. In our minds, in other words. When I stopped searching, I found the truth had been right here all along...

Re: Who are you writing for?

21 Apr 2009

Hello searcher, I want to wish you the best for this stage of your journey. It can be a rocky time to wake up to your own truth, but in my experience it is always worth it. I never really questioned my whole BK experience for 10 years after leaving, and it has proven VERY fruitful to do so now. I ho...

Re: The Existential Shame Spiral

14 Apr 2009

From ex-l: ... true spirituality has been denied ... This has been a great discovery for me, and a most unexpected one. What I thought was true spirituality, which was shaped by my time with the BKs, turned out to be almost a type of addiction - a way of avoiding reality, numbing out, and striving ...

Re: The Existential Shame Spiral

12 Apr 2009

rayoflight What a beautiful, eloquent post. I am moved beyond words - to tears actually. You reflect me back to myself in an exquisitely sensitive light. I have never felt so perfectly heard and safely seen. My soul feels kissed by the light of your seeing. terry Your questions are always thought p...

The Existential Shame Spiral

11 Apr 2009

I have been unable to write for a while as I have been meeting some "shadows" that I have not experienced for a long time. Kaufman coined the term "shame spiral" and here is his definition of it: A triggering event occurs. ... a person is suddenly enmeshed in shame, the eyes turn...

Re: Second birth BKs?

10 Apr 2009

This was often talked about in the 1980s. It seemed to go out of popularity a bit in the 1990s. Many going on their first trip to Madhuban were primed to look for signs that they were a second birth Brahmin - recognizing people, feeling at home in India, etc. I remember a few BKs being told they wer...

Re: Separation of the head from the body versus integration

30 Mar 2009

I think separation of the head from the body is an interesting area of discussion, too. My own recent journey is definitely one of trusting my mind less and less, and looking to feelings more and more. I had already taken refuge in my head a lot prior to the BKs. Meeting them reinforced this tendenc...

Re: [Policy] Brahma Kumari Info: Code of Ethics

28 Mar 2009

This is in part a response to the propsed Code of Ethics, and in part a reflection on recent discussions about the role of the forum. This forum has served me immensely even though I don't seem to fit the stated definition of who and how you wish to serve. A Code of Ethics is of course a useful and ...

Re: Different types of Psychotherapy for recovery

25 Mar 2009

From ex-l: I think many ex- or exiting BKs might, a) be sorely disappointed and have their time wasted by your average psychotherapist and b) be able to run rings around them even at their lowest ebb . This last point is especially valid, and has been my experience. I don't mean to say that I am es...

Re: Different types of Psychotherapy for recovery

24 Mar 2009

... thought that the resultant fight of the unconscious wanting one to 'leave' the BK system was 'ego' when, in fact, it was not. A very interesting area to look at. I think it especially sheds light on why it is such a struggle for some of us to leave. The more we already had shut up, put up barri...

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