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Re: Reflections on Childhood Abuse Prior to Becoming a BK

14 Mar 2009

Leela, I also want to let you, and everyone, know how much I have learned from your posts, from your courage, self-honesty, and willingness to speak publicly on this forum about your process in what is a deeply personal experience. Life has taught me that everyone has wounds and scars – the question...

Re: Reflections on Childhood Sexual Abuse

06 Mar 2009

Much harm is done to the forum's positive and friendly energy lately by leela. Tom, I don’t understand your feelings. I have found Leela’s posts (on this thread and in others) to be heartfelt and insightful. To me, she is being courageous and honest in exploring her abuse, how it may have contribut...

Self Discovery

04 Mar 2009

Spiritual Wisdom belongs to the past - the present is about Self-Discovery. In the “Hullo from Terry” thread, in response to my question about my “flying” experience and seeking my own path to that place. I have reflected a lot on this comment because self-discovery was very much my path before I m...

Re: Karma

04 Mar 2009

I don’t really “believe in” Karma. Yes, sometimes I have done something good, and that good created a “ripple effect” that returned to me in a surprising way. But if you try to do good so that you will get good in return, doesn’t that kind of defeat the inner value of doing the good. You have still ...

Re: Why diamond merchants like Lekhraj Kripalani were not cool

27 Feb 2009

This is a thread for sorrow, grief and anger. I am one of those who believe anger is a normal and even useful human emotion. The question is how one uses the emotion in a meaningful, even positive and constructive way – not denying, suppressing or cutting it off. But that may (or may not) be another...

Re: Thank you – the many dimensions of this website

24 Feb 2009

I am truly touched that my 'Thank you' has become a “classic post”. It may be that someone like myself, who as a “friend of” is more on the periphery, sees things from a different perspective than those who are more in the center – and that different perspective can contribute to the conversation. I...

Thank you – the many dimensions of this website

22 Feb 2009

For some time now I have wanted to write a thank you to this website, to those who initiated it, those who spend countless hours running it, and all those who speak out and contribute to it. And a special thanks to butterfly, whose heartfelt thanks encouraged me to finally sit down and write this. I...

Sorting out things learned through the BK experience

13 Feb 2009

To some extent, I think that I have now outgrown the BKWSU. I came with high ideals but hopeless. It gave me faith in myself and was a boost for my ideals. Now I feel that my ideals can not be fulfilled within the limited context of the BKWSU but the tools I got from it will remain very useful. My ...

Re: The Brahma Kumaris and Spiritualism

05 Feb 2009

True, it is an amazing experience. The first thing (that at least used to be) taught in meditation is that it is an experience inherent within each of us. As I was fortunate enough to have experienced it a number of times before ever having attended Raja Yoga centres, I could easily agree. When I h...

Re: Prometheus, Chiron and the ex-BK as the Wounded Healer

05 Feb 2009

I feel that many of the voices I read on this forum are in fact wounded healers. As I understand this concept, one’s ability to reach out and heal others comes from one’s own wounding and the work one has done to heal one’s own wounds. This, of course, is true very broadly in human experience, with ...

Re: The Om Shalomers

28 Jan 2009

According to the Jewish calendar, this is year 5769, which began Sept 29 of 2008. Jewish people have been continuously counting years for the past 5769 years (which kind of puts a hole in the 5,000 year cycle of time concept). One would think God might have noticed this discrepancy. Some other BK ar...

Re: First post from friend of BK

12 Jan 2009

Thanks to all for offering insights about “detachment”. ex-l, I also want to say that having followed this website for some time, I appreciate your directness and ability to get to the core of an issue. As in: A "friend of a BK" is someone with enough love, patience and commitment to bring...

Re: First post from friend of BK

09 Jan 2009

Thanks to you all for the warm welcome and thoughtful comments. Allow me to respond, add some details and perhaps deepen a question. In some ways my friend may be like bkti-pit – an independent thinker finding his own way of keeping his beliefs while moving in the world. In other ways, I have recent...

First post from friend of BK

08 Jan 2009

Hello, I've been visiting this website for some time, and this is my first post. I am a “friends and family of” (although the registration page would not accept this, so I had to enter something else.) For quite a while I have been involved in a significant friendship with a BK member. From this exp...

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