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Re: Loved by a BK???

24 Oct 2010

Come, be a man ... if you are true, use your real names ON the forum Why do you use 'Nischaybuddi'?! Why not use YOUR REAL name? How come you are not MAN enough 'ni-bud'?!! Whom are YOU afraid of? Sword, It's people like you who do more damage to society than an average BK follower. You leave deadb...

Re: 94-your-old Dadi Janki comes home after 60yrs

28 Apr 2010

She was born in Hyderabad Sindh, not Deccan!!

Youtube Gurus

02 Apr 2010

Hriday Mohini sharing the stage with Swami Nithyananda!!

Nithyananda dude is recently caught having sex with a hot tamilian actress. It is now alledged that he abused more women.

By the way, he calls himself 'Paramahamsa' (whatever that means :D ).

Re: Spiritual/Psychic attacks

24 Mar 2010

littlelamb wrote:I fear they got my soul too. Question is, will I ever get it back?

is not 'soul' part of that psychobabble :D Congratulate you on getting your life back.

Tai Chi Classes?!

19 Mar 2010

Anubhuthi Yang Style long form practiced in a meditative environment. Journey inside moving life energy. Increase flexibility, relaxation, balance and concentration. Strengthen and enliven the body and spirit. Bring the inner smile out. Experience meditation in motion. Open to all levels. We will m...


01 Mar 2010

There is no dearth of these kind in this world.

Here is one more:
Lord Our Righteousness Church (aka Strong City).

Here is a national geographic documentary.
Inside a Cult

Re: Evolution

26 Feb 2010

"Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution" -Theodosius Dobzhansky (1973) Anti-evolutionists fail to understand how natural selection operates. They fancy that all existing species were generated by supernatural fiat a few thousand years ago, pretty much as we find t...

Re: Science greed will always cause panic

25 Feb 2010

nischaybuddi wrote:I can not turn back.

Looks like you already did! We wish you well.

Re: SwordofJustice ... what is 'BK Raja Yoga'?

18 Feb 2010

PROVE via 10 quotes of Avyakt Vanis that made you victim. DESTRUCTION (repeat after me 10 times) :shock:. Avyakt BapDada 11-02-2010: Samay ka anusar BapDada samay ki warning to de rahe hai ... For those that do not understand Hindi: "As per time, BapDada is warning about time ..." Transla...

Re: SwordofJustice ... what is 'BK Raja Yoga'?

18 Feb 2010

If you call Avyakt Vani a joke, have you ever been a true BK? Let me re-phrase your question: Was I a victim? YES. An innocent one! I like the views expressed by searcher so clearly without hurting anyone's sentiments but at the same time he has expressed his opinion and criticism. I see you like s...

Re: SwordofJustice ... what is 'BK Raja Yoga'?

18 Feb 2010

Do you still think that such words and teachings may come out by ordinary human being? nischay budhu , Yes, such words can not be from anyone but a poorly educated, narrow minded, castist (Sindhi loving), infatuated little girl who never got over Lekhraj even in her late 80s. Avyakt Vani is a joke....

Re: Lekhraj Kirpalani 44 years old in 1939 ...? (was Stay on the

18 Jan 2010

Reminds of the tagline from movie "Michael Clayton" " The Truth Can Be Adjusted " Did you know that after I found these materials Sister Jayanti rushed to Sind as an undercover member of NGO trying to see and calm down the situation with her spiritual values? Jayanti seems to a &...


12 Jan 2010


Warning: Jayanti's voice.

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

09 Dec 2009

ex-l wrote:Now there is a growing record of the truth ... good and bad.

And the ugly - suicides, abuse :shock:.

Re: I am new here

10 Oct 2009

I remember, as a child, being scared a lot of the time, always thinking about how the world was about to end. I can very much relate to your experience Priscilla. BKWSU's toxic philosophy was fed to us along with our cereal! Then, as we grew up, it was fed with Toli . Yeah, those bhattis ... for me...

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