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Re: Hi - I am a newcomer and want help with my relationship

13 Mar 2009

Hi Everyone,

Well, to be honest, I was first upset and disturbed reading the PM as I am still recovering but I guess feeling better now. Thanks to you all over here.

Keep posting.

Re: Do God really exists???

12 Mar 2009

Hi Again, Well, I read your replies and thinking on your views and opinions but meanwhile would like to share what's going on in my mind right now - You know why I feel more disappointed or frustrated is that I feel like my "TRUST" , or in other words say "FAITH"is broken. I mean...

Do God really exists???

11 Mar 2009

Hi Everyone, I am doing good and thanks again to you all there ... well, I am going through all the posts in different forums and also history, library, etc ... and am in total shock ... I mean just can’t imagine of something that I was believing in and all of a sudden it’s not right ... I can’t say...

Re: Hi - I am a newcomer and want help with my relationship

24 Feb 2009

Dear All, I am back again, sorry I couldn't log on to internet for a while ... but, anyways, coming back to where I left. I read all your posts, and a new post from Eromain. Thanks Eromain. It was really amazing to read your story and learn from it. It really touched my heart. Thanks for all your vi...

Re: Hi - I am a newcomer and want help with my relationship

20 Feb 2009

Hi to Everyone, Thanks again for uplifting my spirits! And also to guide me to go to specialist for my problem. I would certainly do that. Just trying to find a right one now. But have also started self-healing meanwhile. To add to this, I am also a Reiki practitioner and so also taking help from Re...

Re: Hi - I am a new comer and want help with my relationship

18 Feb 2009

Hello to Everyone who has replied to my problem, First of all, heaps of thanks to you all ... :-) for all your warm wishes and welcoming me to the forum, understanding my situation and giving me wonderful encouraging advice and suggestions. Believe me, as I was reading to all the replies ... my eyes...

Hi - I am a newcomer and want help with my relationship

17 Feb 2009

Om Shanti Everyone, I am very glad to find this website where you can speak freely and just be yourself ... please forgive me for my English, as English is not my mother tongue but I will try my best here. I am in a big dilemma/problem and would also like to know if is there anyone here like me who ...

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