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Re: Spiritual/Psychic attacks

25 Mar 2010

Is BapDada some earthbound spirit who thinks he is God, or just the manifestation of some delusion in the mind of a little old Indian lady who has lived most of her life cut off from the real world, or the result of some mass hysteria/collective hypnosis with a bit of psychobabble, new-age spiritua...

Dangerous Persuaders: Right and Left Brain Thinking

23 Mar 2010

Moved from How did we fool ourselves into believing the Brahma Kumaris? Aside from the mediumistic aspect behind the BKs, which has been raised in many posts, I hope this post offers some clarity to many of us who are still asking how we got drawn in; and why it is sometimes so difficult to walk aw...

Re: The whole teaching on Destruction

25 Feb 2010

The concept of Destruction, or whatever word you want to substitute, has always been used as a fear based control mechanism in any religion, cult, group, belief structure in which it features. It is a tool to make people conform through fear - failing on 'Judgement Day', having a 'low status', displ...

Re: The whole teaching on Destruction

22 Feb 2010

Destruction, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Transformation - it’s Doomsday again. (Source: The Cult Files: True Stories from Extreme Edges of Religious Belief by Chris Mikul) The Branch Davidians Vernon Howell (later David Koresh) had come to believe he was the seventh angel put on Earth to usher in God’s ...

Re: SwordofJustice ... what is 'BK Raja Yoga'?

18 Feb 2010

We seem to be hearing a lot from BK supporters on this forum recently, no doubt considering that they are presenting the ‘voice of reason’ amongst negativity and cricitism. I hope they note that should the tables be reversed and some of the usual contributors here appeared on a BK forum they would b...

Cults in Our Midst

22 Oct 2009

From Cults in Our Midst: The continuing fight against their hidden menace by Margaret Thaler Singer 1. Milieu Control This is the total control of communication in the group. In many groups, there is a "no gossip" or "no nattering" rule that keeps people from expressing their do...

English translations of other language posts

17 Jun 2009

Google Translation: Sorry ex-l, I wanted to know what it said too! Is there life after BK? by Lokila »June 16, 2009 Yes! And that without all your bones break. I would say there is finally real life instead of simply trying to survive in a system that is designed for you. Without existential fears o...

Re: The influence of Catholicism etc on one's becoming a BK

15 Jun 2009

Welcome back rayoflight, I have been missing your posts.

Re: I am a newcomer and having difficulty using the site

04 May 2009

Ah yes, the subject of grief and the BKs - "eat halwa when your mother dies". The most unhelpful and misguided suggestion I received in a period of grieving for someone very close was that I should "be happy". There were some people who were genuinely caring during this period bu...

Re: Who are you writing for?

20 Apr 2009

It's not possible to be a questioning BK" - in terms of the BKWSU codes of living, you're either a BK or you're not, and any 'questioning' one does outside of the teachings puts one on the outskirts of the Yagya. BK life is either something one totally dives into or if there are questions is t...

Re: [Policy] Brahma Kumari Info: Code of Ethics - Draft

31 Mar 2009

BKtipit has said that this forum has benefitted by moving the BK/PBK believers' activity to a separate forum. Do others agree with this? Agree with Bktipit. If anyone wants extensive BK sermonising there are many other places it can be found. Don't lose sight of the fact that this website serves a ...

Re: Who are you writing for?

16 Mar 2009

Thanks for your answer, Paul, which is much appreciated. You have made a good point here. Restricting oneself to only one avenue of information is certainly a point that I am not comfortable with, and this has given me clarification on this question. I would like to ask, what would be your answer re...

Re: Who are you writing for?

13 Mar 2009

Definitely not here to do PR - I am looking for answers. I wouldn't be looking for answers if I was feeling entirely happy with the status quo. The thing is, there is definitely a connection one gets in meditation and individually which is independent of being in centres and the presence of other BK...

Re: Who are you writing for?

07 Mar 2009

Thanks for the welcome Terry. I've been checking out the site for a little while. I don't take it personally. I hear that people are seriously upset. Suffice to say I am not a diehard and have not been in it for years, so I am willing to listen to both sides. The majority of people attracted to the ...

Re: Who are you writing for?

06 Mar 2009

There are BKs reading this.

Reasoned arguments and analysis, personal experiences and insights, are of interest.

Bitter BK bashing may make you feel better but it doesn't serve any purpose for others except to turn us off the thread. Thanks to bansy and ex-I.

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