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duty bound

Re: Mr Green's Spiritual Thought for the Day

20 Aug 2010

Cool dude ... Is this going to be a regular feature?

Re: Shanti Bhavan (house for Brothers) in London

14 Aug 2010

Instead of an atmosphere of joy and lightness, everything was gloomy and depressing. Dogmas and typical totalitarian systems must have contributed to create that heaviness, uneasiness and a permanent feeling of "walking on eggs". Is that life and state of mind conceivable for Yogis, Yogin...
duty bound

Re: Great People of Spirit

03 Jul 2010

The term "thought leaders" is a concern.

Re: Discrimination against Women

03 Jul 2010

I have observed what I would call the "Cinderella Complex" where an attractive BK Sister would be ignored and ostracized by the ugly Sisters. Often maligned in order to "teach her a lesson". Discrimination against women is often, in my opinion, done by other women as well as men....

Re: Lost property, junk & administrative moves

20 Jun 2010

What laxmaniyani said. Since when did something so simple become so ...

Re: Lost property, junk & administrative moves

19 Jun 2010

Wow, now I am confused ... say what ...
duty bound

Re: I am Hanging

30 Apr 2010

Broaden your horizons, read a good book, see a movie or two, eat some good food that you like, get a hobby ... grow flowers or vegetables, build a fire and dance around it, do something wild, boredom is not an option ... your life is just starting over, tell your family you love them. God is yours a...
duty bound

Re: Is it right to eat plants

20 Mar 2010

If a plant has a face, then do not eat it.
duty bound

Re: Thinking of going back

16 Mar 2010

To consider it going back, is to go Backwards. Go forward ... and if that means rubbing shoulders with a few BKs stay grounded and in self respect. And if you can eliminate all the Human Garbage and influence and extract some good and share some good then that would be worthwhile ... would it not?. ...
duty bound

Re: The whole teaching on Destruction

21 Feb 2010

I remember, as a twenty year old, asking Atam Prakash how long until Destruction. He said two years. That was in 1990. I wish he would have just said he did not know if he did not know. I guess that was to inspire more fear based effort. I am tired of hearing about Destruction. I remember a time in ...
duty bound

Re: Masculine and Feminine

27 Nov 2009

No, it is not Caroline.
duty bound

Re: Masculine and Feminine

27 Nov 2009

I know of a BK Sister who apparantly has ex-comunicated the whole male race. She wont even let them in her house.

She also teaches the Four Faces of Women programmes.

Re: Leaving BKSWU - out with a bang, or fading away quietly?

12 Nov 2009

The Brahma Kumaris are another layer of the onion, Godly Maya maybe. There is, it would seem to me and has been my experience, that the human element inserts itself inbetween the relationship between self and god. This is an age old problem which dilutes the experience and gives over one's power to ...
duty bound

Re: Should I join BK?

06 Oct 2009

Take a roll of the dice and join, winner takes all. Just expect nothing and be prepared to never be understood. :D

Re: On Celibate Marriages: Conversion to the Brahma Kumaris

04 Oct 2009

Celibacy as a lifestyle choice is a personal one and is important on a spiritual path, though not essential. I have witnessed how suppresion of natural attraction to another leads to all sorts of problems. If we thought that our children were ugly when we had them, we would not be inclined to take c...

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