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Re: The Murli translation and production

US Tax fraud: How To Report Simply and Effectively

01 Jun 2015

BK and tax exemption, what about it? In his outstanding op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times, director Alex Gibney took a bold public stand in demanding that the IRS and the US Congress hold the Church of Scientology accountable for its sweeping and documented abuses of tax exemption. Gibney knows w...

Re: BKs profit from massive NSEL fraud? Om Shanti Studio etc

22 May 2015

Gift of god?

Re: We are not Gurus, do not worship human beings, no photos

13 Apr 2015

Totally crazy!!

Re: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

05 Apr 2015

You can download the full documentary 'GOING CLEAR' ...

Re: Is BKism tends individuals to become what they claim?

14 Mar 2015

BK doesn't do anything besides giving you a feeling of impotence, superiority over others. non BKs. People who say you aren’t your Ego are afraid of their very own. Self-proclaimed spiritual people like BK give for killing (or putting to sleep) your Ego, which are also the four main reasons they use...

Re: BKs get into the Business of Education

10 Mar 2015

Diploma & Advanced Diploma in values & Spiritual Education. With some interesting points. Learning Method The students of the open university do not go to the college everyday. They do not have regular time for their studies. The open university has independently developed a learning method ...

Re: BK threaten child while centres illegally occupy playgro

10 Mar 2015

BMC TO RECLAIM GHATKOPAR PLAYGROUND FROM ASHRAM The civic authority has decided to retake a Ghatkopar playground allotted to an ashram, which last year allegedly detained a teen who had entered the premises to retrieve a cricket ball, and filed a case of trespassing against him. It has issued a noti...

Re: Awakening: the response of a recent BK supporter

28 Feb 2015

fossil.jpg (91.3 KiB) Viewed 9954 times

A new exposé of Mother Teresa

04 Feb 2015

In its “criticism” section of her biography, Wikipedia summarizes the growing opprobrium related to her extreme love of suffering (that is, the suffering of her “patients”), her refusal to provide adequate medical care, her association with (and financial support from) shady characters, and her trea...

Re: Merry Christmas

28 Dec 2014

Happy holidays and a great super cool new year!!

Re: Angry or aggressive responses from BKs

14 Dec 2014

sankaraiyer your deluded

Re: Anyone from Australia on here?

09 Dec 2014

It will never stop as long you search for something that is not really there. You should not have trouble with your strong personality, it is a talent and never a burden. Explore your personality, find out what makes it "tick".

Re: Anyone from Australia on here?

08 Dec 2014

It seems you have a strong personality Harleymachine. Strong personalities don't fit in the BK system. You'll be a rebel or "the oppose" and "love-bombed" even more, at least for a while. I will come back on your story later.

TV production-team producing documentary

07 Nov 2014

New TV Documentary on Sects & New Religious Movements in th UK Optomen TV is currently producing a new documentary series about sects and religious movements within the UK. and would like to speak to anyone with experiences of such groups. If you or anyone you know was, or perhaps still are inv...

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