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Dadi Janki falls out of bed

24 Mar 2014

To Baba’s beloved Brahmin children around the globe, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Ahmedabad. Dadi Janki had left Abu on 18th to visit Haridwar for a special gathering of Saints and Sages. Three major events took place very successfully in Haridwar on the 20th, and then Dadi...

Re: Feedback please - Anyone else finding this forum slow?

18 Mar 2014

No troubles here.

Millenarianism and the age of transition

06 Mar 2014

Millenarianism and the Age of Transition When I first met the BKs, in 1981, I was attracted by what seemed to me to be a rare generosity of spirit. I felt this had become depleted in myself, after years of living in what I was beginning to realise had been a rather narrow, self-centred way. I loved...

Re: Disassociating general meditation practice from BK metho

05 Mar 2014

It's not going to work. Although they have intentions to "save" the relationship, BK so-called knowledge will break it up. As she gets more into it, he will feel more disconnected, the impure and as he was a BK ... the loser. The difference between imagined greatness and "the lowest o...

‘Holy Hell’

27 Feb 2014

Amma and her organization terrorize and intimidate people: Gail Tredwell Gail Tredwell was an unknown name to a majority of Keralites till last week. That was when ‘Holy Hell’, a book on her experiences during the 20 years she spent at the Mata Amrithanandamayi math, was released online. Over this ...

Re: Brahmakumaris shifting from World Destruction Theory

23 Feb 2014


Re: Cannot handle any esoteric stuff anymore?

22 Feb 2014


Re: Why am I always worrying?

20 Feb 2014

Fear/Stress/Pain is not natural. Happiness and peace is natural. Fear/Stress/Pain are diseases which need to be properly cured. Fear, stress and pain are NOT diseases but only considered to be diseases by people who want to sell you some cure in an unnatural way. The trick is that this kind of peop...

Re: Dalai Lama to Jayanti Kirpalani ... its not "working".

11 Feb 2014

Where are the pictures!!!!!!

Re: Dalai Lama to Jayanti Kirpalani ... its not "working".

11 Feb 2014

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Google boy

11 Feb 2014

'Google boy' a celeb in Haryana Village CHANDIGARH: At an age when most children are just graduating from alphabets to words, Kautilya Pandit can name every galaxy, reel off Australia's GDP and talk about Indonesia's politics. In Kohand, a village in Karnal, Haryana, Kautilya, all of 5 years and ei...

Re: BK member for five years

10 Feb 2014


Shopping for god

02 Feb 2014

"We don’t use the method used by gurus and others that you have to follow what we say". Shopping for God in the Spiritual Supermarket - Valerie Coyle interviews Dadi Janki Why most people are lost and searching, disillusioned and desperate for solutions. Valerie Coyle : The Western world s...

'Sixth Sense' Can Be Explained by Science

22 Jan 2014

'Sixth Sense' Can Be Explained by Science. At least one type of "sixth sense" is not real, new research suggests. The new study, detailed Monday (Jan. 13) in the journal PLOS ONE, found that what people perceive as a sixth sense may simply be their vision systems detecting changes they ca...

BK Rape Brahma Kumari leader absconds after forcing abortion

18 Jan 2014

Of course but what is the real aim of these charities that got all filled with money because some people really wanna do good and help the poor. If one is not there to help you can buy off you imprinted guilt with money. Please do not watch if you cannot handle very strong language. http://www.youtu...

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