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Re: Rights, permissions and moderation

29 Jul 2011

I am unable to upload attachments to my posts. I tried to upload *.jpg files as attachments to my post 2-3 times, but I got error "cannot upload files of this extension." and when I tried to embed some images in my post, it showed just links to the image hosting website, instead of the ima...

Discussions with BKs on Facebook

28 Jul 2011

Something like an organised, say, even Webinars which can be done free of costs ... Say someone like senior XBKs sharing some of their experiences and what they would ideally like the organization to be ... "Awareness Campaign" is how I would position it. To all the Screamers in the forum...

Dhanbad Property Case

27 Jul 2011

Recently, a BrahmaKumaris Centre's property case has come into light.

In the state of Jharkhand/Bihar, in the city of Dhanbad, Brahma Kumaris were building a centre.

Police have arrested a BK Brother in this case. This is a very recent news.

Gandharva Vivah (Yagya Marriage)

27 Jul 2011

In the Murlis, we had been hearing many times about "Gandharva Vivah" (Yagya marriage) and the most popular example of the same is BK Ramesh Shah & BK Usha, who also celebrated their Golden Jubilee (50th marriage anniversary) before BK Usha left her body some time back. The Facebook Pr...

Re: Human rights panel serves notice on Dadi Janki!

26 Jul 2011

The given link ( ) does not show any such story. It seems that the has removed this 7.5 years old story from its website.

Does anyone have taken a screen shot of that page before it was removed? If yes, then please post it here.


Power to Face on FaceBook

25 Jul 2011

My Dear Friends (Ex-BKs, BKs, PBKs, Ex-PBKs, F-BKs, Non-BKs, etc.) Salute to all for being brave & curious and being part & heart of this forum. Many of us are now truly awake; even my user name here is truly_awake Well, those who are truly awake surely becomes active & alert. Those who ...

Re: The Bank of Madhuban - purity or cash?

24 Jul 2011

Some BK Centres organise meetings of all the regular & irregular BK students and literally order them to pay as much as possible every month. I have heard that a BK Centre-in-charge in India told her followers that she will donate Rs.1 Lakh (Rs.100,000) to Madhuban every month. So, her followers...

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