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Re: The Jewish Question: Brahma Kumaris on Jews

28 Jun 2013

It's like you meet a person who flirts and seduces you. You fall into a serious relationship, then you find out what they're really like That is exactly the sequence of the game : Seduction ( Golden Age), Fall in (get trapped), Find out (the truth), Split (back to normal life) ... I believe, if it ...

The Jewish Question: Brahma Kumaris on Jews & Judaism

28 Jun 2013

Jews and BKs have one thing in common ... Both believe that they are special and chosen ... However, Jews never preach to attract new followers to their religion, and actually make it extremely difficult to accept new comers. They believe that being the "chosen people" from this huge crowd...

Re: BK Changing Masks: 'Happy Cottage Meditation Center' Dub

27 Jun 2013‎ Greetings I feel it is my duty to bring your kind attention to a very dangerous cult called the "Brahma Kumaris". This cult is presently operating in Dubai under the name "Happy Cottage", and I believe your excellency was the quest of honour during the...

Re: BK Changing Masks: 'Happy Cottage Meditation Center' Dub

27 Jun 2013

ex-l, your overall analysis, is not far from reality ... Brahma Kumaris have their own devilish ways and tricks to make their way to a certain VIP, in addition to ordinary people, supported by varied set of "masks" to suit the specific occassion, and the particular person. I only feel sorr...

BK Changing Masks: 'Happy Cottage Meditation Center' Dubai

26 Jun 2013

The Brahma Kumaris cult does not take any chances ... It already acquired a bad reputation for being a dangerous cult and has, historically, faced serious problems in certain countries. The true identity of their "Raja Yoga meditation centers" can not be hidden for long, and sooner or late...

Re: Religious Fundamentalism 'may be categorised Mental Illn

02 Jun 2013

Do genuine, academic scientists and researchers really give due consideration to politics (malicious people, governments, pharmaceutical companies ... etc), when they work on their researches and science advancement ..?? These researches are mostly funded by academic or neutral parties, without any ...

Re: Mrs. Pokardas

14 May 2013

Good evidence ex-l . Brahma Kumaris own material will condemn them ... How could they dispute or deny false destruction date published and promoted by them ...!?

Re: Spiritist mediumship & dissociative identity disorder

14 Apr 2013

Sounds like a fine "Recipe" by a "Life Coach" ..!

Unfortunately, the "Genetic Factor" can be decisive, and may influence or even over-rule everything else ..!!

Re: Cult control and Brainwashing: "Doctrine over Person"

08 Apr 2013

Interesting link. Good catch ex-l.

Most probably, the writer never heard of the Brahma Kumaris cult, but the description and methodology of how the free will of individuals is confiscated, and humans get turned into robot-like creatures, fits the BK cult so much ..!!

Re: Feel Like I Wasted My Life - but it's not all bad!

05 Apr 2013

True Life

If some one’s life is wasted on following a "Bogus Cult", no secondary positive aspects could compensate for that ..!!

Re: My experience: Brahma Kumaris center in West Delhi

27 Mar 2013

The dead bodies killed in the wars will melt and they will move inside the Earth's crust. These dead bodies over the period of 5000 years will erode and they will become minerals or, say, coal, oil, iron which will be used in next Kaliyuga for the human use. It does not really require a scientist t...

Re: Baba Milan

18 Mar 2013

That is exactly what it is all about, a "state of mind"... So when you are there, geared -up, filled with expectations and anticipations, fully prepared and turned on ... The so called "spiritual climax" will be a natural outcome ..!!

Re: Gulzar, "Ours is not a religious organisation".

25 Feb 2013

It will be interesting to see how Gulzar successor is going to behave and handle the annual, major attraction, "spirit penetration" show, if it happens at all .! I wonder what will happen and what will be the consequences, if the so called "spirit" did like the new medium, decide...

Re: Psychological problems after wife joins Brahma Kumaris

21 Feb 2013

An important lesson may be learnt from Manoj’s unpleasant experience, which I am sure there are many similar to his all over ... The lesson to be learnt is to never let things drag on and on, without taking serious and firm action. As soon as a family member becomes sucked into certain cults, the wh...

Re: Watching BapDada Milan (meeting with God) at local BK ce

21 Feb 2013

Today I received SMS message from my Bankers, and it ends like this ... BK.

I said to myself, bloody hell, these old women even got hold of my bankers, before I realize that the bank started using "BK", as abbreviation to Bank.

I think I should visit this site less frequently ..!!

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