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Re: Attracted to a BK center-in-charge

02 Nov 2012

There is one thing I do not understand in your story! You say that you were a teen-ager when the beautiful lady started to give you BK courses, which implies that she is many years older than you! ... Is that correct ? ... such big age difference, especially from the female side, should also be cons...

Re: Dadi Prakashmani's soul to enter into Dadi Gulzar

31 Oct 2012

Gulzar has self-hypnotised herself and started repeating the same old stuff, she has been faking and saying for many years now! I would not believe or accept from God to tell his "children" to be ... carefree, as Gulzar kept repeating in the video! "Care free", "Emotion free...

Re: Marriage at a BK center

26 Oct 2012

It is a bad omen to get married in a Brahma Kumaris center .

Existing marriages are being destroyed by B.K teachings and ideology, so how about brand new ones !

Re: Original 1940s Anti-Om Mandli Book found

15 Oct 2012

What really attracted my attention in the book and left me in a big puzzle is the huge fortune which Lekhraj Kripalani seemingly accumulated from his work as a jewellery merchant, even though he had a partner with him. According to the book, he bought cars and buses to transport his followers, rente...

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