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Re: BK Suraj Bhai predicts Krishna's new birth date

26 Aug 2019

It used to be said that 2036 would mark the beginning of Sat yuga i.e. Krishna marrying and becoming emperor. Now it is being said that he will be born in 2036? So the ‘coronation of Lakshmi and Narayan” will not take place till 2057? There is no way they can justify this rationally on the basis of ...

Re: BK Ashram Manager Rapes Woman Then Molests Her Again

26 Aug 2019

OK ... so if the male BK had had consensual sexual relations with the victim as he claimed, why was he allowed to remain on by the BKWSU? Probably because he had property, wealth or position or some combination of these. Calling it a fake ashram and getting away with that claim shows either a lack ...

Re: BKs Lock BKs Out of Property During Ownership Dispute?

26 Aug 2019


When Destruction comes, the more properties you have the bigger the sacrifice you made for Baba! So better house in the next life too!

They’re up to their usual tricks.

Beware of the BKs, give an inch and they’ll take your children!

Re: BK 22 Year Long Property Grab Court Case settled with Fi

26 Aug 2019

I hope that if they keep trying the legal system the next judge hits them with a meaningful penalty. If I were the claimants I'd be looking for comprehensive compensation - not just costs but lost income, rent or sale opportunities etc as well for vindictive "abuse of the court process” mention...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

23 Aug 2019

An interesting question for ex-BKs to ask, and indeed current BKs, is why did they respond to the "shamanistic call" of BKism? What was the deeper, sub- or supra-conscious reason? Well, I’d split that into two questions. 1. Did you respond to a "shamanistic call” i.e. a deeper, sub- ...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

19 Aug 2019

Guptarati Yes, I have read up on holographic universe/brain and other similar paradigms before etc. Fascinating area. The worst thing, the most harmful thing, about the BK view of soul is how they essentially get people to live their lives in " soul consciousnes s" where the ” soul " ...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

17 Aug 2019

We still need a more unified model for explaining and understanding the interaction of the soul with the brain. We know objectively and clearly that the brain exists. We know that mental activity takes place. What we don't know is if there is a soul, or even what people mean by that. Is it the ”atm...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

14 Aug 2019

Last year a Brother told me that ... one of his girl friend's class mates ... was also receiving her PhD dissertation studies on the behavioural effects of BK raj Yoga on cancer I’d be asking for the research to be published and peer reviewed. Unless you mean BKs causing cancer to themselves throug...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

14 Aug 2019

I do not have any hope ever of any collective analysis of BKs because they are so institutionally prone, indoctrinated, into lying. Of providing what they believe to the right answer, rather than the real answer. They do sometimes provide the real answer but they will just as readily equivocate or ...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

12 Aug 2019

ex-l wrote: There's no point being the most stable mind in the world when you just use your "stability" to lie, manipulate, exploit and encourage ignorance and false faith while you are being "stable". Well, I'd take that line of reasoning one step further and say - even if the ...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

11 Aug 2019

Gupta, one can redefine terms to suit one's ideology anytime, espoecially when dealing with abstractions and non-tangible concepts. The BKs have done that not only with those limbs/types/stages of Yoga you refer to (which I could question but won’t - it'd just be playing the ”definitions” game) but ...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

10 Aug 2019

In my day, there was a nascent awareness that one's meditation developed through various stages. I cannot remember them specifically but something like; contemptation (thinking), concentration (beyond thought), absorption (final, overpowering Yoga with the god spirit). These are part of the 8 limbs...
Pink Panther

Re: Good quotes

31 Jul 2019

Bryan Edgar Magee has died (12 April 1930 - 26 July 2019). He was a British philosopher, broadcaster, politician for the Labour Party and the SDP, and author best known for bringing philosophy to a popular audience. "One of the most extraordinary things about a human being is that we just wake ...

Re: State of scientific research into meditation & conscious

25 Jul 2019

Dawkins and other "activist atheists” are, IMO, whether they know it or not, really arguing mostly about language. That is, like ex-l said, although their main gripe and argument is with dogmatic organised religions that propagate fantastic stories as literal and historical truths, fair enough ...
Pink Panther

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris

21 Jul 2019

Hindu wrote:Despotism has profound roots in the aggregate personalities of individuals. To know about it and hold it under control is an undertaking removed.

This may sound profound to you ”Hindu” but it makes little sense.

What are you referring to ? What is the "undertaking” removed from?

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