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Mr Green

Re: Some question regarding BK experience

17 Aug 2017

The meditation is not so bad it's the Gyan that kills ya

Re: Bandit Turned BK Preacher wanted again by Police

03 Aug 2017

Hahahaha, well funny 'Say Anything' Karuna is a bit of a cartoon character.

Re: Cats and Neolithic Genocide Pre-Dates BK Heaven on Earth

04 Jul 2017

It's all fixed in tut Drama.

Re: Some BK staffers causing discomfort to people

13 Jun 2017

... and your sanity.
Mr Green


23 May 2017

She exists only in the Sewer Region.

Re: ex-BK Stephen Finch: suicide to escape Brahma Kumari att

05 May 2017

Maureen Goodman is a liar, she was well aware of the extreme bullying that went on at the Chelmsford centre. I personally made them aware of it. I told them it was up to them to police their own senior members. Otherwise people unfit to care for vulnerable people are given free reign to do what they...

Re: ex-BK Stephen Finch: suicide to escape Brahma Kumari att

04 May 2017

Poor Stephen. I knew him quite well for a while. I shared a 'bhavan' with him and one other Brother. He was a very active and dedicated member and a lovely intelligent soft gentle powerful person. This is a very sad thing for me to read, I drove him home when he finally decided to leave the Chelmsfo...

Re: I think I am Kalki, The Avatar of Lord Vishnu

08 Apr 2017

Good luck with it, hope it all works out for us all

Re: BK News: Overcrowding Problem in the Subtle Regions

27 Mar 2017

ex-l wrote:You are right ... "It's the bl**dy Double Foreigners coming in, stealing our positions in the rosary, and trying to reproduce by the power of thought with our Radhes".

We need a "Bharat for the Bharatwassis" only campaign!

Go start your own End of the World cult!


Re: BK News: Overcrowding Problem in the Subtle Regions

27 Mar 2017

We need a Brexit for the Subtle Regions.

Re: BKs Reinvent Their History Yet Again: 1936 becomes 1948

20 Mar 2017

Lying toe rags. I met Big Mohini, she was the grooviest senior I ever met! Obviously complicit in deception tbough. I went to the retreat center in the Catskill Mountains before it was ready for the public ... amazing place. It had a disused ballroom and many interesting features, amazing walks ther...

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

13 Mar 2017

Dr Ray Bhatt betrayed us I seem to remember.

Re: BK Mike George offering "Butter Making" seminars

03 Mar 2017

Yes, I am sure his faith had waned when I knew him. He did seem disillusioned.

I agree, it's awful when you realise The Cycle is rubbish and you have to fend for yourself after giving them everything!

Re: BK Mike George offer "Butter Making" seminars

28 Feb 2017

I knew Mike well too, I stayed In Shanti with him for a while. He was bitter then, and trying to accumulate as much money as possible from the BK machine. He'd long ago denounced The Cycle. He'd become a well renowned parasite and still is obviously. He never attended morning class, got his own Murl...

Re: BK World aflutter as "God" speaks in Sister Gulzar's Voi

25 Feb 2017

How many meetings in a season now, ex-l? I think they were knocking 10 out a year when I was going.

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