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Mr Green

Re: Sex and who the BK God Spirit really is?

03 Oct 2016

Mr Green

Re: Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by 2036?

03 Oct 2016

hope they peter out soon

Re: BKs Sister Jayanti ... more Destruction revisionism

15 Sep 2016

Yes I agree Pink Panther it is a shame she's trapped still to this day Ex l You're probably right, I did openly challenge her faith as mine was falling apart. I mentioned child abuse to her, she wouldn't comment or make eye contact but I could see I'd hit her heart with an arrow. I spoke about The C...

Re: BKs Sister Jayanti ... more Destruction revisionism

14 Sep 2016

I see what you mean guys, I am not really sticking up for her. She's done some stupid things and hurt many people in a very childish ignorant way. Yes, Dadi Janki enslaved her and abused her for years. There was a real phrase used in the BK management circles of "ear bashing", whence you w...

Re: BKs Sister Jayanti ... more Destruction revisionism

09 Sep 2016

I drove Sister Jayanti a few times to talks in my van. She was a lovely person and probably still is. She once put her feet up on the dashboard, and really just spoke to me. To be honest, she's a fantastic person, wasted in the BKs.

I'd like to have the chance of talking to her again one day.

Re: "Kidnapped" by BKs after suffering 5 miscarriages

23 Aug 2016

weird people

Re: Arson attack causes £22000 damage to Brahma Kumaris busi

19 Aug 2016

Although fire starting is an awful thing to do I still have empathy for him, I knew him personally years ago.

Re: Counter-cult organisation gains United Nations status

28 Jul 2016

The BKs are a cult and need to be stopped from breaking up families
Mr Green


18 Jul 2016

She won't want to hurt you, just "serve you" (seva), and make you a BK also.

Re: Do BKs believe in basic astrological personalities at al

18 Jul 2016

They do not believe in astrology, they believe in a 5000 year cycle and hideous Destruction of the world leaving only the chosen ones (BKs) to live on the earth in paradise.
Mr Green

Re: The Path - a Cult TV series about a Cult.

01 Jun 2016

pulling their breasts.....sweet!
Mr Green

Re: The Truman Show? Reformist BKs news site

31 May 2016

If You have a huge ego and unstoppable confidence you are seen as a first birth soul and given free reign, no one can know your future status so why not claim to be one of the 108 and do whatever you like? After all this is what the Dadis/Seniors do! Lee had the type of confidence that girls are att...
Mr Green

Re: Brahma Kumaris Info 10th Anniversary

26 May 2016

I'd donate a bit, maybe via pay pal
Mr Green

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

24 Apr 2016

That's fair enough Arbit, but it proves my point we're all as good and bad as each other, Western or Eastern.

We're all just humans.
Mr Green

Re: BK Denise Lawrence on Morality and Ethics

17 Apr 2016

She managed to become one of the only Westerners resident in India, and stayed at Gyan Sarover most of the time. Yes, she was fluent with Hindi and a very deep thinker, and quite witty. She came across as aloof and aggressive but most of the senior-ish Sisters liked to act a bit fierce, part of bein...

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