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Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

12 Apr 2020

Why are people in India are soooo careless about this? It bothers me a lot. :/ Why is there no revolt against this cult? Not even a single person seems to report to police! Let's raid them together! YEEEAAAA I can feel your urgency to address the impact of this virus, impacting so many lives. While...

Hypocrisy to the forefront

11 Apr 2020

The height of hypocrisy in the BK organisation, exhibited and perpetuated by the "so called" Seniors is mind boggling and nauseating ... a special treatment for these Souls will be certain, but not in the Golden Age but in hell. A nice example, would be the circumstance under which Dadi Ja...

Re: BKs have announced new figureheads; Ratan Mohini & Ishu

05 Apr 2020

I suppose in the short term, it's a policy that avoid any debate and, god forbid, the need for any democratic process? How many of the original Om Mandli are left, enough to see them through until Destruction? Those old Sindhis sure did have good genes when it comes to longevity. Gerontocracy, &quo...

Re: Dadi Janki's death

31 Mar 2020

The best tribute to the departed soul and regard to Baba's teachings would have been to follow the repeated saying "Amma Mare To Bhi Halwa Kaye" . Loose translation in English ... Even if your Mother dies, eat Halwa (Sweet). Celebrate to the point of being so detached ... But then, that wo...

Re: BKs fear mongering on Corona virus pandemic

31 Mar 2020

Dadi Janki has also ascended to the angelic region which indicates that it’s time for the world drama to restart . Right ... BrijMohan would know ... since he is the computer guy ... Restart is very much familiar to him ... Ctrl+Alt+Del = Restart ... On the computer he can also schedule a Restart ....

Re: Dadi Janki's death

31 Mar 2020

My respect and regards to the departed Soul, that has hung around for 100+ years ! Now, coming to Sr Jayanti's Spin Machine, many interesting, quirky, delusional and nonsensical statements, 1. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Abu is a good friend of Dr Pratapbhai, and was highly cooperative, and all...

Re: BKs Multi-Level Marketing has gathered strength

13 Dec 2019

@ex-l . An excellent analysis from you. Thank you ! Managed well, a guru is worth more dead than alive. A profound statement !!! Where you say, Truth be, by comparison, in many cases the BKs are still in a very minor league by comparison with some of them. I agree. I think this is reflected in the w...

Re: BKs Multi-Level Marketing has gathered strength

12 Dec 2019

Interestingly, I am now at peace with the BKs ( in a bizaare manner ), let me explain why. .. BKs have now openly starting requiring money for attending their programs. They have also come down to the point of openly celebrating a human being, irrespective of being an elevated Soul (or not), and in ...

Re: BKs Multi-Level Marketing has gathered strength

09 Dec 2019

I note on that same page, they are now profitising, sorry, "celebrating" Lekhraj Kirpalani's birth day, the 15th of December. Yes, now that the Avyakt meetings are off, they have found a new Milky Way , sorry, a way to milk , the Bhagat . I say Bhagat here because, they had a lot of disda...

BKs Multi-Level Marketing has gathered strength

08 Dec 2019

Here is the latest on the Multi-Level Marketing (Pyramid) scheme from the BKs. Note the money generation from this, and see the future potential for this type of activity... March 2020 Teacher Training for the Foundation Course Suggested contribution for the training: For participants from developin...

Re: Questions from an ex-PBK

12 Nov 2019

If I can be of any help to you, I would be very happy to do it. You can be of help, starting with apologizing to ex-l and this Forum for being totally abhorrent from the beginning ! This forum has been continuing with many different view points, not all of them necessary 100% in sync. However, none...

Re: Brahma Kumaris fined Rs 10,000 for False Property Claim

05 Nov 2019

Given we have two almost concurrent cases ... one in India, one in England ... one can only conclude that this agenda without conscience is being communicated across their international networks. Given the distributed nature of this business entity , in the model of a franchise and/or pyramid schem...

Re: Sister Jayanti Chasing £1m Home of Tragically Deceased B

03 Nov 2019

Can someone tell me why the Brahma Kumaris are spending £6m+ on renovating a mansion house in the countryside when the world is going to be destroyed in 2 to 3 years? I understand that you are not looking for an answer to this question ... we all know the reason ... The BKs do not believe themselve...

Re: Tragically Deceased BKs: Sister Jayanti Chasing £1m Home

03 Nov 2019

I thought about this and came up with another possibility, that it's something they've seen the temples, gurus or Brahmins do and so they've thought to themselves, "if they do it, we should get some of that action (money) too". It is really about how well can you make a monster out of the...

Re: Brahma Kumaris Punch, Burn & Head Shave Servant in Stree

03 Nov 2019

Just want you all to know that the one who did this, the center in charges: they were well trained. They had certificates, they were the representatives of BKs in that city, went under proper training by their leaders and zone incharges. They were under the canopy of the HQ and zone incharges. The ...

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