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Corona and/or Krishna? Brahma Kumaris Covid-19 & Coronavirus

03 May 2020

While the power of thought lies on making own's own life better, aiding in self-introspection and a possible self-empowerment, I doubt if it has any value in dealing/eradicating the Corona situation at all other than medical maneuvering alone in the very first place!! What's going on?! Are they even...

Re: Neville Hodgkinson's son Tom selling BKism via The Idler

30 Apr 2020

When I saw this "buy" option, it immediately generated a cascade of memories and thoughts in the space of Awareness that I am. Those days we used to listen to "The Journey" by Bliss, which I always loved and still do and we would often be "sold" and sometimes "forc...

Re: Thoughts from a concerned counselor

30 Apr 2020

Dear co-travelers in this journey called Life, I will make it extremely simple and lucid. We are a family of five members. This thing has infested my family (now my Father only) for the last 25 years and on. I, too, am a medical doctor and as far as I think (has also been a fact, not just a thought)...

Re: BKWSU Rebels Begin to Show Up

16 Apr 2020

Hello and Namaste to all! I am an ex-BK and my dad in my family of 5 is an extreme follower for 25 years for now and continuing!!! He is the only one in the family who visits Ashram; rest 4 of us have stopped visiting the same. So, I think you can imagine the torture in the family. I am a medical do...

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