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France declares war on Sect influence in the United Nation

26 May 2009

France declares war on Sect influence in the United Nation by Michael Cosgrove A French Government report on sect deviance has denounced what it calls excessive sect activity in international institutions. Scientology and other groups are in its sights, and these groups are putting up fierce resist...

BKWSU frontman shares stage with Scientology at UK Seminar

12 May 2009

Neville Hodgkinson, a senior Brahma Kumaris adherent and advisor to BKWSU leaders such as Jayanti and Janki Kirpalani, takes to the stage with Graeme Wilson, Public Affairs Director for the notorious cult Church of Scientology . It is thought to be the first time the two groups stand together. Hodg...

BKWSO Lose Immigration Appeal for "Priest" Earning $70,000

16 Mar 2009

BKWSO-Raval-Immigration.jpg In newly disclosed documents from Robert P. Wiemann, director of the Administrative Appeals Office of the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), evidence emerges of the manner in which the Brahma Kumaris (BKWSO) Texas seek to maneuver immigration legisl...

BK VIP Funder Fathers Child to Asian Housekeeper

22 Feb 2009

more-than-a-woman.jpg When the Brahma Kumaris' British charity spent £289,373 "serving humanity" by promoting their 70th Anniversary with the " Just a Minute " party at Wembley Arena in London, the event was headlined by 'Saturday Night Fever' singer Robin Gibb, with his wife Dw...

Brahma Kumaris Fight Follower for Luxury Apartment

19 Jan 2009 The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Russia Reports are emerging of how a successful Russian businessman, Aleksandr Ksenzov, stopped being a follower of Brahma Kumaris and requested the return of his property from the the BKWS...

Global Warming? The BKWSU blames it on Negative Thoughts

31 Dec 2008

At a conference in Spain called “Espiritualidad, cambio social y desarrollo sostenible”, Jayanti Kirpalani, European Director of the BKWSU claimed that "environmental problems happening in the world are not accidental", opting for spirituality and meditation as tools to reduce the damage t...
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Brahma Kumaris Ban Children from Public Parks

02 Dec 2008

Bandra in crowded Mumbai becomes a flash point for locals as the Brahma Kumaris encroach upon public spaces to build mediation centers. The BKs have gone as far as banning children from playing football and badminton. Paradoxically, badminton was a favorite exercise of their founder and primary medi...

BKs back best-selling, bed-sharing Brahma Kumari Subirana

14 Nov 2008

BK-Miriam-Subirana.jpg Concerned followers raise the issue of senior Western Brahma Kumari and president of the so-called "Spiritual University" in Spain, a BK center-in-charge Miriam Subirana, sharing her single bed with a young, impressionable female Brahma Kumari follower. The named in...

Brahma Kumaris repay follower $31000 after abuse allegations

11 Nov 2008

BK-Steve-Willis.jpg After more that 4 years of broken promise made by Global Chief Janki Kripalani, the Brahma Kumaris in the United Kingdom finally repaid one of their followers £20,000 amidst allegations of financial abuse and a failure of duty of care. In a series of events that questions the au...

Dalai Lama to Jayanti Kirpalani ... its not "working".

11 Nov 2008

Jayanti-Dalai-Lama.jpg Listed as a spiritual leader, trainer and author of a number of ghostwritten books, Jayanti Kirpalani the European director of the so-called Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK) in London. Brahma Kumari representative to the United Nations in Geneva, relative of dec...

Ramesh Shah trading as Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyal

11 Nov 2008

In the Trademark Journal of India, another trademark in the name of the "Brahma Kumaris" was applied for by; merchant Ramesh Shah trading as Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya This address is listed as Pandav Bhavan, Mount Abu, Rajasthan - 307501. Ramesh Shah claims use sin...
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BKWSO appoints new trademark attorney

15 Oct 2008

BK-judge.jpg Following the same controversial course of action as Scientology™ , TM™ and the Hot Birkram Yoga ® , the BKWSO in Austin Texas have appointed attorney Louis T. Pirkey of Pirkey Barber, LLP to handle its latest US trademark application number 77313590. One of four applications to date, ...

No convictions, no apologies in BKWSU child sex abuse cases

15 Oct 2008

BK-child-sex.jpg Yet another year ... but no convictions, no apology, no acknowledgement and no damages paid in the BKWSU child sex abuse cases. Incidents, of an increasing number reported, rocked the movement after events happened at the so-called Spiritual University's two main Indian centers. On...

BKWSO: More funny money ... and another broken family

11 Aug 2008

From behind the gloss of expensive international PR campaigns, the Brahma Kumaris project themselves as "The Family Path" educating the world in "Spiritual Values". What is not made clear is that "The Family" is the family of Brahma Kumaris followers ... not necessarily...

BKs use Freedom of Information Act to expose whistleblowers

31 Jul 2008

Historical_revision.jpg Jo Maguire, a senior case officer at the UK Charity Commission confirmed that the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University are attempting to use the Freedom of Information Act 2000 threatening to expose concerned whistleblowers. The religious movement, established as a char...

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