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Re: Miriam Subirana - Liona de Espana (Lioness of Spain)

15 Dec 2008

Translation of Diwali's post of December 12: Hello everyone, A while ago I heard about a group of BK "defamers" on the web, and that is how I came to find this forum. At first I thought it was a group of "fallen souls" who had failed to find success within the organisation due to...

Re: Reflections on E's Child Abuse Correspondence

15 Dec 2008

Thank you to Saraquel for a highly articulate, intelligent, and insightful post about these ongoing issues. I, too, have been revisiting my BK life after a little over 10 years outside. My first reaction to this longstanding matter was a superficial one, namely that E and a few others had chips on t...

Re: Black people are the most impure - Dadi Janki

10 Dec 2008

Hello everyone! There are a lot of fascinating posts here and I've been following the arguments. I'd like to say something about my view of Truth and why I don't share ex-l's mission to get to the bottom of the BK's words. ex-l writes: "Let's take just one claim and ask if it is true ... state ...

Re: New Openings Triggered by ... Gangaji

06 Dec 2008

paulkershaw Yes, it does take courage. Thank you for validating that. It is meaningful to hear that from someone who really knows - another ex-BK. When I left the BKs, I was completely alone and I have rarely connected with people who understand. It has been a long, winding, and sometimes exceeding...

Re: Celibacy - is it necessary for spirituality?

05 Dec 2008

Is celibacy necessary for spirituality? Let me quote Neale Donald Walsh - Yes, it is ... until it is not. The Brahama Kumaris rescued me from a very unhealthy life in the early 80s. Celibacy was a major factor in that. It got me out of unhealthy relationships, put me back on my feet, gave me my inde...

Re: New Openings Triggered by ... Gangaji

04 Dec 2008

Joel, I was so very interested to read your account of an encounter with Gangaji. I love your description of the way it resonated with you. I was a BK throughout the 80s and 90s in London. On the whole, it was a very positive experience. After I left, I continued to search, tried many things, flound...

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