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18 Apr 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters I have gone through the whole thread and in my humble opinion I feel you are missing one point. There is a vast difference between laughing at someone and laughing with someone. I personally feel that the former is what Baba is meaning when he says that jokes etc can be dam...

18 Apr 2007

Yes, we are that family but a few details are wrong in that one cannot blame the whole situation on others. We have to be able to see objectively what our part in all this is and be able to bear the consequences. I will write my account but I need more time. I wasn't aware that this story had been w...

10 Apr 2007

Dear bansy

I am the child of the ocean of knowledge but am not the ocean and would never presume to be all knowing.

bindi mata

10 Apr 2007

You write the questions and I will reply with appropriate answers.

If I am able to answer - I will say so. If I am unable to do so - I will say so

If I don't want to I will be honest enough to say so.

Om Shanti, bindi mata

06 Apr 2007


I do not mind if you ask questions and I will answer the one I feel qualified to do so and also those for which I can give proof of.

PBK bindi mata

03 Apr 2007

Sorry the label on my name is wrong. It should say PBK. I, personally, do no like to be labelled as I feel we are more than the labels. However, so as not to mislead anyone, I am putting the record straight. It is interesting to see how souls have reacted to my offer. As I was personally involved in...

01 Apr 2007

If anyone is really interested in knowing the facts, please get in touch with me by email telling me about yourself and why you are interested in these events. The reason why I say this is because different souls have different agendas and so, in things like this, it is better to cater for the diffe...

04 Mar 2007

I will try to be brief as I know for myself that just don't bother reading the very long posts, which is a shame because i am sure everyone writing them has something worthwhile to say but i just wish they would try to shorten them and if someone wants a long detailed answer maybe they could be sent...

19 Feb 2007

If anyone would like to know more or listen in person with explanation then you are most welcome to get in contact and we shall see what we can do. Please do understand that this will be done in the strictest confidence possible as I know that many may be wary or they would prefer to stay incognito....

PBK forum

19 Oct 2006

Sex is regarded as "bad" now only because it is done using the 'brasht inderia' rather than the 'sraisht inderia'. Baba has also explained that we lose power when we have sex now and many of us who have experienced sex know this only too well! :!: As many are also probably aware that Baba ...

16 Oct 2006

White for class only.

Personally, I wear whatever is appropriate as long as I take care that the intellect of others is not pulled towards me.

I would go swimming but would probably try to go when it is a female only sessions and that is personal.

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