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26 Mar 2007

Hinduism shows us to be in the Kaliyuga year 5147 (or 5170 perhaps) - by the way it's also called the Year of Excitement - we also could perhaps look at the point that many other followings/religions also refer to a cycle of time but not everyone shows it to be 5000 years. I have heard the ascended ...

13 Mar 2007

Perhaps it would be easier to understand the 'Subtle Regions' - as taught in BK Raja Yoga - as being dimensions of non-physical reality. Inside these dimension there are different and varying experiences or 'vibrational energy'. In meditation and/or trance we can connect with these dimensions and th...

18 Jan 2007

Hi ex BK I am an ex BK in South Africa and I have read your post. Bearing in mind that each one of us in an individual with our own belief systems and ways of looking at life, I wanted to share with you that I have returned back to normal 'lokik' life and am extremely happy, in a long term committed...

18 Jan 2007

Sex! the subject of great horror in the BK setup - not even the word is uttered and alternative words are used, so skirting the issue is certainly prevalent, but so be it, somewhere along the way we must have made a choice to be celibate in body (if not in mind!). I remember knowing that I had to le...

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