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Should there be free access to Murlis via the internet?

15 Aug 2006

Please vote! • Poll : as a Brahmin soul, do you think that you should have free access to Murlis via the internet? Welcome to our first poll, one that has arisen from out of the desire of forum members, Brahmin Souls, to be able to search and study original and edited Murlis. There is a sense of sh...

Campaign : Free Access to Murlis

15 Aug 2006

The following Poll has been started to access this important issue. As a Brahmin Soul, do you think you should have free access to Murlis via the internet? Why is access to Murlis being limited and by who? Today we start our campaign to free public access to the Murlis. Why are the Murlis considered...

31 Jul 2006

This is why I find it hard to believe that this was posted by Karuna, that and the poor English of course. This is a very good point to raise which was addressed before posting. BK Karuna was contacted directly via the [at]gmail email address given on both the and Om ShantiHelplin...

BKWSU Chief of MultiMedia and Global PublicRelations accuses

21 Jul 2006

Thanks to an unnamed source for drawing this to our attention. It is with regret that we report the following ; BKWSU Chief of MultiMedia and Global PublicRelations accuses BrahmaKumaris.Info of theft in public. With all due respect, B.K. Karuna is at least 69 and must be given some leeway for his ...

15 Jul 2006

The xBKChat Archives are now live at ; or for those that prefer a full screen effect ; The forum is read only and disabled in all ways. If you discovere any broken links, please report them to an Admin.

Re: Convert thy self

10 Jul 2006

I do not recognise your teacher, or the PBK teachings. If you are posting in the BK section of the forum, please do not use the term " THE Murli " if referring to your PBK Murli. Quoting any Murli at anyone is questionable, especially to bolster our stance, particularly the " God is ...

BKWSU Positive News

14 Jun 2006

BKWSU Positive News Guidelines - [This topic was created by a PBK, see below for the first post]. • we request that all if copied form the internet all articles are accurately referenced with original addresses. • please make clear in your posts which individuals involved are BKs, or what their rel...

28 May 2006

So yes let's have a classic posts section! A " Classic Posts section " is a fine idea and will help define the forum and site. Do you have a better title? A feature has been built into the " News and Articles " section of the site to house these and older ones. Submissions of ar...

26 May 2006

Ram is a deiti and Shiva is the benefactor. I might suggest going deeper into the Trimurti for me this is very beneficial. The same advice applies for "Ram". As Ram / Rama already has a traditional or existing meaning, can PBKs please qualify with something like, e.g., " Ram [ Virend...

25 May 2006

Bhai, John I have not seen such courage or seva (unselfish) as I have seen with ShivBaba to some known as Virendra Dev Dixit. atma do you mean that Virendra Dev Dixit is ShivBaba aka Shiva aka God? :shock: If we could make a humble request from the point of view of Forum Management, the use of Shiv...

Note from forum Admin

22 May 2006

We were wondering if it could have been a good idea to distribute and use the Murlis and Vanis, and let the BK authorities intent a trial against us, if they dare. then it would be a way to have a public BK/PBK "sharing", that could be very interesting ... Excuse me interrupting a private...

Guidance on the PBK forum

19 May 2006

The following is shamelessly borrowed from the defunct xBKChat forum without permission and is the work its of respected Admin who has stopped his work inthis field. For those that don't know the history, PBKs had to be banned from that forum because of their aggressive or insensitive use of the Mur...


01 May 2006

By popular demand, the Forum now offers avatars for users to chose, see ; Profile > Avatar control panel > Show gallery to view various galleries. Users can upload their own avatars but need to keep them within a certain size. 80 pixels wide is good, less is better. The Admin reserves the right or r...

Rights, permissions and moderation

01 May 2006

Rights, permissions and moderation Currently there are no needs for rights, specific permissions to use any particular forum nor any user moderation. It is hope that it stays that way and that mutual trust and respect will govern proceedings. Posting The forum categories are intended for guidance o...

Re: BK

30 Apr 2006

Hi Arjun, I am a BK and also glad to be able to post on this site. I was not allowed on the ex-BK site. I am not sure of the rules either and I have not been able to make a post on the BK forum on this site. Maybe a software problem. Welcome Proy. The BK forum is now open. There are currently no re...

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