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17 Oct 2006

Dear BK Dmitry:

I feel eschewing from deception should also be included in one of the pre-requisites of becoming deities.

However, I respect your right to disagree.

15 Oct 2006

To tell you frankly, I too do not have any explanation for the discrepancy in the growth rates in Satyug and Tretayug; and just to tell you that this was not my observation but an email was sent to me by one PBK Brother who pointed out this discrepancy; and since I did not have any answer for it I ...

15 Oct 2006

Hey, wait a minute!

Somebody told me that he got a new revelation from Shiva directly that there are in fact six ages including lead and nickle in addition to the four taught by the BKs.

Is there any good reason for us to doubt this new revelation and continue with the old knowledge?

15 Oct 2006

It seems the information about Indian Prime Minister buying a quarter in BK colony has come directly from ShivBaba himself! Indian media is completely ignorant of this scoop. The secret is known only to BKs.

How fortunate of me to hit this forum and discover this amazing revelation!

15 Oct 2006

BK Dmitry:

I am new to the forum and was perplexed by your post ... until I realized that it was probably a joke!

15 Oct 2006

Thanks John for your response. I wonder how anyone can gloss over this evident contradiction. 'Those who don't make effort will lose out' is fine but can they really do it otherwise if everything is predestined? In a way it means that the losers will be punished for no fault of them; meaning that BK...

5000 year cycle

14 Oct 2006

OK. This topic has already been discussed in various BK forums. Here it comes again. • If everything repeats itself exactly after 5000 years, what is the point of BKs doing any sadhana? After all if they did so 5000 years ago, they will do it now again; otherwise they cannot. What is the point of gi...

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