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Re: Living alone after stepping back from BKWSU life

18 Jan 2011


well said!

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadershi

18 Jan 2011

gotmylifeback wrote:The BKWSU will only change when it feels threatened.

So when is a real case against the BKWSO going to be made?

Where are the intelligent and bold parents who care about their children (even if they are all grown up) going to stand up for them?

What/where is the BKWSO achilles heal?

Yogi Bhajan and the Black Tantric Man

11 Jan 2011

Yogi Bhajan and the Black Tantric Man on January 11, 2011 Hari Jiwan with Yogi Bhajan In March of 1988, the Siri Singh Sahib [Yogi Bhajan] was visiting my house in L.A. On this particular evening, he had brought his staff members, some close students, and a yogi who was visiting from India. After o...

Re: News reporters wanted!!!

11 Jan 2011


You can use any of my postings!

Re: Good quotes

03 Jan 2011

Buddha wrote:
He who for the sake of happiness hurts others who also want happiness, shall not hereafter find happiness.

Re: Youtube Gurus

02 Jan 2011

I have to agree with Mr. Green.

Re: Seasons Greetings

31 Dec 2010

Happy new year to everyone! Wishing you all lots of love, healing and liberation for the new year :D

Re: Spiritual/Psychic attacks

12 Dec 2010

tpd, I came to this conclusion myself (and you explained it very well) after leaving the BKWSO and doing a lot of research on the occurance of psychic attacks. Some of this information also applied to the mind and brain's ability to create "past life" imagery. The brain is indeed a very co...

Re: Good quotes

10 Dec 2010

William Shakespeare wrote:
A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Re: Spiritual/Psychic attacks

03 Dec 2010

Interesting information about psychic attacks by bad yogis in India (and how to protect yourself).
Funny that it should mention stealing money without a trace.

Mantras of the Master

Re: Just a thought/question

30 Nov 2010

If the BKs ever managed to woo true celebrities like Tom Cruise, they too would have as much public controversy

But he's already taken by another cult ;).

Re: Just a thought/question

24 Nov 2010

Fear is the most powerful tool to control people.

Re: UFOs

21 Nov 2010

Kiesha Crowther Little Grandmother, one of the 12 young Shaman wisdom keepers to establish the "Tribe of many colors" recently was on a European Tour spreading her message on how to start living from the heart. She also speaks about our ancestors, the pole shift, where the extraterrestrial...

Re: Before you get sucked in by the Brahma Kumaris ...

12 Nov 2010

cfile6 wrote:Hehehe I agree ... what do you mean that its on a grand "show-off" scale? What is there to show off? hehehe.

You are correct. There is nothing to show-off. But they sure do make a lot of noise for a group that sells silence.

Re: World Visualisation for The New Reality

04 Nov 2010

On 11-11, 2010, at 11.11pm EST, one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species... a new reality. The very real physics that connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during the largest scale simulta...

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