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Re: BK Son Robs Sick Father to Build BK Centre on Family Lan

09 Dec 2021

This is very much like gambling addicts who will steal whole properties from family members to fund their addiction. They will forge signatures and documents, then borrow against the equity of the property to then gamble it away - often chasing their losses. I'd say if a BK cannot see the immorality...

Re: Dinosaurs Arriving Again Beware - BK Saravana & Julian B

20 Oct 2021

I must apologise to the world. I was partly responsible for convincing Julian (Jules?) Boles and his then wife Lucy that the BK Gyan had merit, and turned him into a lifelong cult devotee. His expertise in analysing gem stones, a profession shared by Dada Lekhraj, and being from an above middle clas...

Dinosaurs Arriving Again Beware - BK Saravana & Julian Boles

13 Oct 2021

Karl Popper's definition of what can be put forward as a scientific theory, as opposed to a non-scientific theory, is that it can be formulated in a way that it can potentially be falsified, e.g. If I say, "Every swan I have ever seen is white" that is not a theory of swans, it's an observ...
Pink Panther

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

29 Sep 2021

Naval, I am going to be blunt. Either you are entertained by flights of the imaginations, creating stories in your mind to explain things to yourself in emotionally satisfying ways (we all do it at times) or you have issues with your mental health which the BK experience cannot be the cause of - man...
Pink Panther

Re: Ex BK feelings

05 Aug 2021

Haven't been with them for 20 years now. Still in my heart though. It's a bit like High school. Whether a good or bad or mixed experience, it was an important formative part of your biography. There were kids you hung out with just because you shared the same location and subjects. Some may have be...

Re: Satyoga Exposed: Robert Shubow & $100ph "love donations"

04 Aug 2021

I only knew him a little. I remember his character and personality more than I remember any particular discussions. I think the reason he left BKs was probably what you state. There's little room for a capable male to be in the spotlight much in the BKs. If they get into it, they're meant to turn it...

Re: Satyoga Exposed: Robert Shubow & $100ph "love donations"

01 Aug 2021

Wow, had read of a few pages. Yes you can easily substitute the words Brahma Kumaris for every time it says Shunyamurti or Robert Shubow. It's really sad when you criticise and leave something behind then become that yourself. It's something that happens with many who were seduced/groomed and abused...
Pink Panther

Re: Ex BK feelings

29 Jul 2021

What I saw in my time was a great spiritual way of existence which was being converted into a religion by the introduction of ritual and blind faith. Something they themselves said was not a good thing. It was becoming a new religion That's the way it has always been, especially since they came to ...
Pink Panther

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

23 Jun 2021

Naval, If you are unwilling to make effort to direct your attention elsewhere and insist on staying fixated on this, staying attuned to the BK wavelength, then there is nothing anyone else can do for you. You have not given one positive response to any of the suggestions offered, instead you have on...
Pink Panther

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

17 Jun 2021

HI Naval,, i have read these posts with interest. It is almost impossible to understand exacly what you are experiencing through words on a screen but what i will offer is this. Sometimes the way to resolve some problems is so obvious we don't even notice them. As the old saying goes ”it takes two t...

More in one article than in 20 years of Murli

13 Jun 2021

I’d like to share this article, brilliantly deep yet wide-ranging, with anyone who has an interest in making sense of the experience of being in the world, how is it we experience it the way we do, what we look for in self, others, culture and society, including politics. And how we can reconcile wi...

Re: BKWSU HQ Decrees ... 8 Hours Meditation Per Day!

06 Jun 2021

8 hours of meditation per day! It appears many no name BKs have been dying of Covid-19. Just how is that's going to protect anyone from a virus? Well, if you are meditating for 8 hours, you aren’t going to be moving about as much to transmit or catch the virus, so that protects you and others. They...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

19 Mar 2021

That’s a good summary becuase.parmeshwar that i think applies globally. As i said earlier, with such belief systems, they are not obliged to even adhere to their own internally consistent and cohesive logic, let alone correlation with objective facts and evidence. So now that the new chapter waits t...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

18 Mar 2021

I don't really know much about what goes on these days in terms of what BKs are thinking or rationalising when real events upset the apple cart of their Gyan. From what I have ascertained in the last decade or so, they really don't care about consistency, as long as they feel good within themselves,...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

16 Mar 2021

If you ask any nurse, they will tell you it's not uncommon for the chronically ill to go downhill then suddenly appear to improve just before they die. In fact, the experienced ones can often tell when the recovery or improvement is the sign of death coming not far behind. So it may not have been fa...

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