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Re: [Notice] Vacation time for members travelling or meeting

27 Jan 2009

Time for a break ...

Re: Hullo from Terry

11 Jan 2009

Terry, Thank you for your reply, and my apologies if you did not know as you state until much later (my point was during the legal mess last year ... by then everyone in a centre should have known). Yes, the campaign by Eugene was well done and documented and it involved more than one child and it ...

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

10 Jan 2009

Terry, That has to be. It is how it is done that matters. People are innocent until proven guilty, and evidence has to be provided. A painful truth which prevents false accusers, and allows some perpetrators, get away with things. The alternative is allowing innocent people to be accused and punishe...

Re: Brahma Kumaris Raise Issue of Abuse with BKWSU Leadership

09 Jan 2009

Terry, First, I don't know who 'The Trust' is and apart from being light hearted at your reference of the Justice League, I must take umbrage (being kind here, given my background) to your use of 'hysterical' to reference the BKs seeking reform within their organisation. I must say if my family mem...

Re: Hullo from Terry

05 Jan 2009

G'Day to Terry and, yes, you are remembered with fond memories and your 'Hullo' was read via e-mail. Regards, Tete P.S. The Justice League are the best. I presume these Justice League BKs also seek to do good, but I presume their attire is 'white', maybe they sit next to you and you are none the wis...

Re: Avyakt BapDada only drishti for a few minutes

16 Dec 2008

To All, It appears Arom is in transition, we should not judge what he still holds (words, comportment or greetings) as part of who he is, as we all go through the process at different stages. Even if he chose to go back in, I would still extend a hand of friendship and welcome. The only way to faci...

Re: Miriam Subirana - Liona de Espana (Lioness of Spain)

13 Dec 2008


Que lastima que voz no lo traduces a Inglés, por que esta escrito con mucho sentimiento y muy profundo.


Re: Shall We Meet at Selected City & Discuss to Expose BKWSU!!!

09 Dec 2008

what about you people decide quickly because death may arrive any time to any member of this website :shock:


Death of BK Manohar Indra

17 Nov 2008

Divine Family. News of Demise of Rajyogini Dadi Manohar Indra ji, at Global Hospital, Mount Abu (Ascension : Monday, 17th November 12.30 PM). Please see attached news and photos. The last rites will be performed at 9am on 19th November at Mount Abu.
dead_manohar.jpg (9.68 KiB) Viewed 11748 times

Re: Recovering your own life and self again

17 Oct 2008

Primal.logic, May the wonders of parenthood hold you and keep you well and your new family with many blessings. Becoming a parent is by far the most rewarding thing one could ever hope for and it so delights me to hear of your blessed event to come. Bringing a child into the world from the love tha...

Re: Is anyone victim of AIVV (Adhyatmik Ishwariya VV)?

21 Sep 2008

Dear Vikas, I did request an inquiry on behalf of your family and I am glad that you are well. It did concern me that someone was stated as being maribund and as a non-gyan person can fully relate to the experience of not understanding what is transpiring. I am not familiar with PBKs, other than th...

Re: Jan is leaving the building.

22 Jun 2008

Janisder, Het leven van mei brengt u benieuwd is, Het leven van mei brengt u liefde, Mijn vindt u altijd een glimlach, en een omhelzing. De liefde is die die aan anderen geven, is de Liefde u ... U zult altijd verwelkomd worden en gemist. :D I dearly hope I did not wish (if I got any part wrong ......

Re: Chai anyone?

21 Jun 2008

Welcome Chai Bhai,

I like my Chai with ice and prefer goats milk, but will do soy ... regular soy that is. No sugar, as I like the natural aroma of the drink. What a novel idea, to be one's own favorite drink :D (pretend you see the green smilie)!


Re: Support the bring back Smilies Campaign

20 Jun 2008

john morgan wrote::mrgreen: :mrgreen: Hu-ru-rah!
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: Hu-ru-rah!
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: Hu-ru-rah!

I don't want to grow up :shock:.

Re: Raising financial questions


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