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Pink Panther

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

23 Jun 2021

Naval, If you are unwilling to make effort to direct your attention elsewhere and insist on staying fixated on this, staying attuned to the BK wavelength, then there is nothing anyone else can do for you. You have not given one positive response to any of the suggestions offered, instead you have on...
Pink Panther

Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

17 Jun 2021

HI Naval,, i have read these posts with interest. It is almost impossible to understand exacly what you are experiencing through words on a screen but what i will offer is this. Sometimes the way to resolve some problems is so obvious we don't even notice them. As the old saying goes ”it takes two t...

More in one article than in 20 years of Murli

13 Jun 2021

I’d like to share this article, brilliantly deep yet wide-ranging, with anyone who has an interest in making sense of the experience of being in the world, how is it we experience it the way we do, what we look for in self, others, culture and society, including politics. And how we can reconcile wi...

Re: BKWSU HQ Decrees ... 8 Hours Meditation Per Day!

06 Jun 2021

8 hours of meditation per day! It appears many no name BKs have been dying of Covid-19. Just how is that's going to protect anyone from a virus? Well, if you are meditating for 8 hours, you aren’t going to be moving about as much to transmit or catch the virus, so that protects you and others. They...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

19 Mar 2021

That’s a good summary becuase.parmeshwar that i think applies globally. As i said earlier, with such belief systems, they are not obliged to even adhere to their own internally consistent and cohesive logic, let alone correlation with objective facts and evidence. So now that the new chapter waits t...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

18 Mar 2021

I don't really know much about what goes on these days in terms of what BKs are thinking or rationalising when real events upset the apple cart of their Gyan. From what I have ascertained in the last decade or so, they really don't care about consistency, as long as they feel good within themselves,...

Re: Fighting Fake News: Gulzar's Health is Gradually Improvi

16 Mar 2021

If you ask any nurse, they will tell you it's not uncommon for the chronically ill to go downhill then suddenly appear to improve just before they die. In fact, the experienced ones can often tell when the recovery or improvement is the sign of death coming not far behind. So it may not have been fa...

Re: HBO labels BKs a Cult to Send a Shiver Down Your Spine

11 Feb 2021

Just to add that I could get no sound from the video but if anyone has that problem you can click on the little cog icon to turn on the captions.

Re: New Married BK Wont Consumate Marriage Wants Maintenance

22 Jan 2021

If he’d given her dowry back without question, the judge would note the husband’s acting in good faith by not seeking to profit from her, which leaves her looking like a gold digger.

Re: Wife Influenced by Brahma Kumaris Neglects Marital Dutie

22 Jan 2021

The judge’s order seems reasonable. Rs 450 a month in those days was substantial.

Re: Please Help me to get my wife out of BK

29 Nov 2020

HI Vikashmodi, I don't have time to answer at length right now, someone else may. In the meantime, I suggest you browse this site for similar discussions as this problem arises a lot and what people do also varies. Of course there are many variations within relationships so the kind of response that...

Re: Psycho-educational Support Group for those affected by c

21 Nov 2020

Bill Maher riffs on how to deal with cult members who cling to their belief in their leader even despite evidence to the contrary. The Great Disappointment The challenge for us is, how do you get people out of a cult? When you're fighting a cult you're not just fighting the leaders, but all the enab...
Pink Panther

Re: Storm Clouds in Madhubhan ?

01 Nov 2020

So, covid is causing a cash flow problem! Not only no visitors doing ‘spiritual tourism” and leaving donations but also many BKs who give a percentage of incomes as regular donations will have lost their incomes. Those letters sound like a cunningly composed appeal for money based on a sense of psyc...
Pink Panther

Re: Storm Clouds in Madhubhan ?

31 Oct 2020

I have heard about two weeks ago that there is a big outbreak of Covid-19 at Abu Rd BKs so it has probably also infected Madhuban. That's my guess, don't know for sure. Apparently, also hearsay, there’s a lot of disquiet as to why "Baba’s canopy of protection" did not extend to viruses. Th...
Pink Panther

Re: Drama of Deception Continues

13 Oct 2020

A ”divine" form of elder abuse.

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