Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Marlon Brando and Nirwair in "the Godfather"

Post18 Oct 2008

Hi everybody! Sorry for my absence, but sometimes one wants to be away from any BK related thing, including the Forum! Sometimes I just want to take the switch completely off from those vampires, detox and recover!!

I would really like to know if these SS ever expressed some dispositions and last wills before leaving the body. According to what they learned and taught for decades as yoginis, it would make sense and be consistent that their desire would be for simple funerals rather than mausoleums and worship that distracts people from having Yoga with the One. As far as Dadi Kumarka's subtle service, in my case I get the touching for having a green light not to give in to any worship of her!

As far as the request for Yoga from souls, I think that what the big bosses who circulate and issue such requests, mean that all BKs have to bow down and worship, which is very different from respecting the elder or wishing the ill ones well.
BKs are pulled away from their own relatives and taught to despise and avoid them (bad influence), although somewhere it is written that "charity begins at home", but a lot of expenditure, respect and attention should go to the BK gurus instead (our real, because spiritual, mothers!!).

Demanding, and usually obtaining such form of obedience, is a very odious way of twisting disciples' arms, because although Bhakti is against the very teachings of Raja Yoga, the board of Godfathers, can formulate requests such as the mafia offers that "you cannot refuse ". Otherwise you are dead, in the organization. As we know, a BK that fails to join ceremonies such as lining up to get drishti from DJ, saying welcome or good bye when she travels, is a bad boy not to be trusted who will have to go lengths to get the black sheep label off him!

Thanks Arjun for reminding us of that beautiful point about watering the seed so that the whole tree gets sated and healthy!! No particularism!! And another thought, if we are supposed to conquer attachment in general towards people, animals, belongings, our body, our past and personality, complying with the ordinance of remembering and worshipping a deceased SS, will reinforce the sanskar of attachment. Or not?
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Re: Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

Post19 Oct 2008

alladin wrote:As far as the request for Yoga from souls, I think that what the big bosses who circulate and issue such requests, mean that all BKs have to bow down and worship, which is very different from respecting the elder or wishing the ill ones well.

Welcome back to the forum alladin.
Yoga with God or love for Him cannot be forcible. It has to be natural and spontaneous. If someone gives love he will automatically get it back. It hardly needs to be proved before the world, especially before the high command as demanded below:
Dadi Janaki wrote:We all should continue to give Dadi sakaash through Yoga as proof of our love.

I remember that Mother Teresa and Princess Diana left their bodies with a short gap and I suppose their funerals were performed on the same day. Both of them got loving and emotional farewell from different sections of the society spontaneously.
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Re: Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

Post19 Oct 2008

I offer that these "official proclamations" to a 'public show' of piety and sorrow are little more than bored copy and pastes ... there is little sincere sentiments and even less "spirituality". "We have done it for one, so I suppose we have to do it for all for fear of offending one or showing favoritism (which, of course, exists)". Piety, in the sense of a show, refers to a way to win the favor or forgiveness of one's God, or gods, appeasement or public esteem.

The use of Rudalis (professional mourners) is an age-old Indian tradition, and continues in Rajasthan to this day. Professional mourners to mourn a death were used to 'publicly demonstrate' the value and virtue of the deceased person during the twelve-day mourning period. The more a family could afford, the great the sign of importance. Their job is to sit and cry, make a scene, cry out loud, beat the ground, beat themselves, scream and cry. Really cry. They are professional tear shedders.

Like the Brahma Kumaris, they make money from it. But the rudalis only make about 15-20 Rs to cry for 4-5 hours. I bet the BKs make much more out of a big death like Kumarka. Especially if foreigners can be conned into believing it is a "special" event and not to be missed for the sake of "extra toli" and "special dhristi" and "benefit". Forget what the Murli says.

In the past, the "right to attendance" was given out to those the leadership wished to reward or taken by those "in the know" with connections. Again, who gets to be to seen on the stage, or inner circle, is used as a qualification of their importance. What an honor to pay for the international airfare of your local center-in-charge to attend such as event. Here is a little halva for the occasion ...

Offtopic: And now for something truly sad and worthy ... that affects all people in India and was transformed successfully ... but to illustrate the reality.

On 21st March, World Forestry Day, a group of Rudalis were hired to stage public mourning at various locations in the city, which witnessed large scale felling. Its shock value and novelty resulted in immediate word of mouth and awareness. People were sensitised to the fact that trees are living beings too. Obituary Note distributed at the location spoke on behalf of the endangered trees and educated them of their environmental importance. Participation was made easy through effective web tools.

After a recent massacre in Bangalore, where 1,500 trees aged around 100 years old were felled to widen roads and improve traffic mobility in the name of progress and development, a group of Rudalis were invited by Karnataka Environment Trust and a sponsor. They were to mourn for the fallen trees on the occasion of World Forest Day and create awareness about the loss of green cover and increasing pollution. The Rudalis gathered in front of a popular coffee shop and mourned the trees by offering incense and floral tributes.

The trust’s wider purpose was to make the point that trees’ lives are just as sacred as humans. An attitude even more concerning in the light of UN findings that deforestation rates have increased by 8.5% in the past few years compared to during the 1990s, with hundreds of acres of forest still vanishing from the earth every day. To shake the unconcerned people of Bangalore out of their apathy, the BET hit upon a novel way of emphasising trees’ status as “living beings”, as alive and important as their own family members.

The Rudalis publicly mourned the death of trees at various locations around the city, where they could be found sitting around recently felled trees wailing and bawling, triggering significant curiosity amongst passers-by, who were handed “obituary notes” thanking them for attending The Tree’s funeral. Citizens were also given a potted sapling with a customised message further reinforcing trees as living beings and raising the point that, if trees must be felled for whatever reason, then new ones must be planted immediately.

This hard-hitting activity generated massive word of mouth and media publicity worth 142m rupees, with India’s major newspapers all covering the story. More than 1,700 people reported attempts to kill trees at a special section of the BET website. 1,000s of trees were planted and the authorities were made to agree that more than 600 mature trees would be transplanted elsewhere rather than killed.
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Re: Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

Post20 Oct 2008

It was a while back, when Dadi Prakashmani was too sick to travel, that Dadi Janki gave a very emotive class in London. She said (I imagine in her quiet, serious way that she uses when drawing everyone in) that she, Dadi Gulzar and Prakashmani "would all be there until the end" . The class had such an impact on the gathering that I had it sent to me by long-lost now-seduced BKs! But who remembers that now that Prakashmani is dead and smoked?

Dadi Janki is a manipulator 'par excellence'. The purpose of that class was to get everyone to focus on what must be an impending Destruction and thereby focus on their own impurities rather than on the real issue - which was how does Alzheimers fit with becoming karmateet? That is, how does karmateet and 60 odd years of effort fit with a complete loss of awareness of everything, including Baba and self?

I have watched Janki do it again and again. She has an enormous talent for manipulating group sentiments or confusion away from real issues by focusing on Destruction, death and personal impurity. And this is the path to bliss?

And so with these huge ceremonies, instructions for Yoga for some purpose etc - it is all about the distraction of the faithful from the real issues and from collective (justifiable) confusion. Give them something to do, make them feel like their "power of Yoga" is making a difference, and get them to forget that all the "original" souls are heading for the smoke stack!
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Re: Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

Post17 Nov 2008

I have come to know from a BK source that Dadi Manohar Indira, who was not keeping well since many days, has passed away. I have started a new topic on this subject in the BK section and therefore I am being brief here.


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Re: Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

Post18 Nov 2008

Do I care??? But thanks I got the same message ... "Divine Family Sending herewith attached file of Dadi Janki's letter for all centres
in Hindi that contains News of Demise of Rajyogini Dadi Manohar Indra ji, at Global Hospital, Mount Abu (Ascension : Monday, 17th November 12.30 PM). Please see attached news and photos. The last rites will be performed at 9am on 19th November at Mount Abu."

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