Industrial Harmony - The Brahma Kumari Way

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Industrial Harmony - The Brahma Kumari Way

Post09 Sep 2007

This is from an interview in the online Godrej House magazine Jan. - Feb. 2002 Vol. 2 No.1.
Rashna Ardesher meets Brahma Kumari Nalini Didi and Brahma Kumar Nikunj Sejpal who help her understand the Brahma Kumaris and their contribution to Godrej and to society at large.
    Q.What are your expectations from our employees?

    Our first target is industrial harmony, second target, individual transformation and third target, transformation in family. We expect Godrej employees, especially workers, to understand that Godrej is not their enemy. We want them to understand that Godrej has provided them with a job, with a house, a decent standard of living, and they should appreciate that. We would like them to treat the Company as family, as one of their own, and not a business house. The significant point is that they understand us. But immediately afterwards when they go to operate their machines, they feel that they are not treated up to their expectations. The Executive Directors are good and fair, but too busy to tackle these problems.

    It is our dream that every corporate must have a spiritual consultant. This is because H.R.D. is lacking human touch in each and every organisation today. Merely getting a post-graduation degree in human resources and getting a high post in a Company is not enough. No matter what, human resources people need certain training to understand people. This is the biggest problem in major corporate houses across India. Both the management and workers should work by shaking hands rather than working in two opposite directions.

    Q.What exactly is this organisation doing in Godrej? How did you get acquainted with this Company?

    I knew that there were some courses conducted by Mr. Brian Beacon [sister in charge ... Bacon], Management Consultant from Australia and his partner, Mr. Marc Fourcade from France, both followers of Brahma Kumaris. Influenced by the Brahma Kumaris, Fourcade conceptualised the Self Management and Leadership (SML) programme. We were also aware of another programme conducted at our Centre in London called Living Life Stress-Free.

    Brahma Kumaris soon realised that the style in which knowledge was imparted did not fit into the present scenario of professional companies. We had to target different groups in a different way. We had to teach in the executive language to the management guy. It is like old wine in a new bottle. At that time E.J. Kalwachia had visited our headquarters at Mount Abu and was quite impressed with the courses we had.

    Q.How are our employees benefiting from your organisation?

    We noticed that Godrej employees were not good listeners. They would act before they think, rather than viceversa. Now, after doing our course, they have improved. Also, their concentration levels have increased by meditation. Besides, a number of employees have given up eating non-vegetarian food and stopped smoking. This is the feedback given to us by Godrej employees themselves.

    Q.Having Brahma Kumaris in industry is quite unusual. Has any other organisation adopted a similar approach?

    Of course, a number of organisations have found this approach beneficial. Apart from Godrej and Nagarjuna Fertilizers, our Sisters go to Cripco in Surat, Cibatool-Bulsara, Parle-G, Indian Oil Corporation, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Garda Chemicals, and many more. Few international companies like Motorola, Volkswagon, etc. have also benefited from this programme. We have customised programmes for each of these corporates. ... ma_int.htm ... a1_int.htm

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