Dristhi can lead to lust or love ?

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Post22 Dec 2007

alladin wrote:Are obedient Baba's children ever given the freedom to really choose anything they are comfortable with, without being judged, labeled or pressured?

Om Shanti. Yes they are. You have knowledge and intellect to make choice. However there are some requirements for those, who wants to visit centers, Madhuban or other public BK's places. First of all it is purity. Secondly; it is purity and, Thirdly, it is also purity.

If you are impure you spread low vibrations around you and make progress for others longer, because they have to spend their energy on your low stage. Purity contains two aspects: 1) purity of mind and 2) purity of body.

Shiv through Shankar


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Re: Dristhi can lead to lust or love ?

Post22 Sep 2009

The word 'dhristi' (Evil Eye) traces its origin from Sanskrit and its literal meaning is 'sight'. In modern linguistics its usage signifies 'evil eye' or rather 'casting an evil-eye' Dhristi is not a concept borrowed from superstitions. Science explains it as the flow of negativity that affects the person or object towards which it is directed.

Origin of negativity/ negative energy
Every thought form is associated with energy. Just as blessings and good thoughts have a positive aura about them, so also negative emotions harness harmful or negative energy.
Sources of these negative energies are, people who give way to:
Sense of discrimination/comparison - The feeling that other people are better than you, thereby leading to frustrations.
Spirit of vengeance/retaliation : People who curse spitefully seeing the prosperity of their rivals.These emotions may not manifest or surface out but their presence even at the subconscious level can be destructive.
Drishti results in:
1. Uneasiness
2. Lack of interest
3. Sudden illness
4. Prolonged illness (without any reason).
The Vedic perspective
The vedas have described four kinds of people
1. The Satpurushas: who help others without caring for their own well-being
2. The Samanyas: Who help others considering the position of the self
3. Manushya Rakshasas: who extract benefits by disturbing the welfare of other people.
4. People who harm others without any purpose
According to the vedas, people who belong to the last two categories(described above) are most likely to cast an evil eye.
Power of Dhristi
The ominous power of Dhristi can be subtle or immense depending upon the depth of negative emotions. Stronger the emotions greater will be the energy released. This energy can work at the

A) Material level : An evil-eye on other's possessions like wealth, property, and other accessories which consequently deplete the victims of their resources.
B) Physical and the psychological level : The 'hale and hearty' suddenly succumb to ill-health, or happiness and peace of mind is lost. These are some of the nasty effects of Dhristi. Witchcraft, black magic etc. are advanced manifestations of Dhristi.

Dhristi Parihaaram
Dhrishti Parihaaram is a measure to ward off the evil, cast by an evil eye. The remedy also depends upon the source from which the negative energy has been produced whether it is a product of witchcraft or black magic.

Traditional methods of pariharam
Material level: Some fruits like lemon, watermelon and coconut have the capacity to absorb negative energy. For eg. A new automobile is run over lemons before it starts its journey. Watermelons are hung at the gates of houses and babies are smeared with collyrium on the forehead and the cheek to ward off evil.

Physical level: Burning camphor, when brought near any person burns out all the negativity around the person. It is necessary that the mind get tuned (in order to absorb the negative energy) to these media (lemons coconuts, collyrium) of Dhristi Parihaaram so that they serve the desired purpose. Spiritual methods of Dhristi Parihaaram
The evil that is cast due to black magic or witchcraft needs more powerful remedies like :
1. Homams
2. Japams
3. Mantra chanting
4. Parayanam
which need to be performed with a Guru's consultation. The apt Pariharam will be recommended depending upon the suffering of the victim.


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