Official BKWSU internal reform efforts

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: Official BKWSU internal reform efforts

Post22 Apr 2010

jann wrote:Google it and it is gone!!!!!

Well spotted ... it only took a matter of days. Still, copies exist elsewhere. You need to do that with the Brahma Kumaris websites, they are always hiding things. They have a "divine virtue" called "The Art of Revealing and Concealing" ... but I did not imagine it meant information on the internet too!

So, it seems that they don't want people asking for reconciliation or to have somewhere official for individuals to report problems? Or even, perhaps, to be seen to have problems!?!

Using only publicly available information ... you might care to ask Sudarshan Sundar, Brahma Kumaris WSO, 190 Bridge St. 5306, Salem, Massachusetts 01970, USA 1.4254588229, "why?"

So ... did I say something, or do we suspect the BKWSU still reads this website then?

As an aside, also in MA, the BKWSU calls itself, the "Boston BK Learning Center For Peace". No mention of Nuclear bomb-powered Destruction then?
BKWSU wrote:Topic 4: Providing Mechanisms for Reconciliation

We are especially interested in practical applications in this topic area. Please make your responses as practical as possible and remember to answer the general question at the end of these questions.

National Board: [Please answer these questions from the perspective of the board and not as individuals making efforts]:

How can we, as a board, reinforce attitudes, actions and skills that support conflict resolution?

How can we actively support someone in moving out of situations that involve conflict, hurt or disappointment?

In what situations should we move towards reconciliation?

What structures and systems might we put in place at a national level to support conflict resolution?

How can we identify and manage situations that may escalate into serious conflicts or grievances?

How can our national and regional coordinators be of most help in such situations?

Instruments living at or supporting the centers:

What skills and behaviors are essential for preventing situations where conflict, hurt or disappointment can arise?

How can we reinforce these skills and behaviors for our own spiritual progress and service?

What can we do to transform attitudes and behaviors that are likely to contribute the creation of conflict, hurt or disappointment?

How can we engage in processes of reconciliation with old BKs, friends of the BKs and others who may carry disappointment of grievances about their experiences with the BKs?

How can we identify and manage situations that may escalate into serious conflicts or grievances?

How can our centre and national coordinators be of most help in such situations?

Regular students:
How can good conflict resolution skills help you in your everyday life at home and work, and in your participation in the BK family?

What situations do you see in your BK life that would benefit by conflict resolution?

What kind of support would you like to see for these situations?

General question regarding application of this topic area to your center:

What are the main practical suggestions for this topic area that have emerged from these conversations?

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