ex-l's recent postings damaging how the forum is perceived?

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: ex-l's recent postings damaging how the forum is perceiv

Post25 Feb 2013

Handy wrote:ex-l is peforming a brilliant Service to Ex BKs and BKs, a real humanitarian.etc etc

You are off-topic! This one is for criticism of ex-l. Please start new topic for praising ex-l ;).


Re: Message to BK Simon Blandford & Learningspirit

Post25 Jun 2013


You complain about stones being thrown. You mean the references about this forum on bkforum. A forum is a place where everyone states his opinion. It is not all about truth. One can share emotional matters, irrational opinion or even throw stones.

You ask others to see their language, but you use the same language.
You have a very limited and toxic view of us.

I mean to say that you also have to make some steps. I am amazed on how much you push others to do something, instead of yourself doing it.

The matter about personal information being made available is because of the lack of balance. You expose others, whilst at the same time you remain unexposed. If you are true, you will not hide and step forward with your own self.

It is only very recently, after so many years, that people came to know for how long have you been involved in BK as student. This creates some distance. I, personally would like to know something more about you, are you married yourself, have you been, do you plan to, do you have children. How was your family life affected by the BK, your parents, if they have been alive, friends etc.

For me as an observer it seems you put such questions with a lot of force to people, but shy when being put to you. I have already asked you two times about your experiences at Madhuban, meeting Avyakt BapDada, but you just ignore it, like a BK.
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Re: ex-l's recent postings damaging how the forum is perceiv

Post26 Jun 2013

Littleo (previously PBK Andrey),

As a PBK, you were offered our usual 'Terms and Conditions' if you wanted to stick around, and that was to do something for other BK/PBKs ... not me ... to 'give' something back for what you 'took' by working on the Open Murli Project. The purpose of the Open Murli Project is to document and freely distribute original Murlis to all and anyone, but specifically those BKs who request them but were denied them by the BKWSU, and to archive the most original possible set.
    You refused and kept posting. You had a second, third and fourth chance ... but ignored them.
I am sorry. This forum is for ex-BKs, to help individuals exit the Brahma Kumari movement, and for supporting family and friends of BKs affected by them. You're a PBK. You don't want to exit. You don't want to help us. You don't want to help other BKs.
    Why are you here, and why should I or we give you any hospitality? You weren't even as honest as you could be when you filled in the registration form.
I ignored your questions because you ignored my offer. Seemingly, you did not take it seriously.

I've been a member of ex-BK forums for about 7 or 8 years. I spoken about my own experiences in the past. I don't need to repeat myself for you. There is no point. Your mind is made up and you are a 'believer', therefore it would only be a further waste of my time ... to achieve less than nothing.

I did not join these forums to promote myself. I joined to quietly and privately work Brahma Kumarism out of my system. It was the BKs who sought to personify issues they did not want address ... to pin it on an individual or individuals and then find ways of attacking, discrediting or discouraging them instead.

For doing so, they sicken me; and you sicken me too. They sicken me for their small-mindness, nastiness and corruption; you sicken me for your small-heartedness towards other of your own religion.

I would work to ensure those BKs and the world can have their scriptures. You are a BK/PBK, and yet you wouldn't do a thing to help them.

I am sorry, until you come back with a couple of hundred or so Murlis (in text format), and the dedication to collaborate with others to complete the collection, I think you are wasting our time and all you are seeking to do is subtly corrode this forum.

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