Is BKism an Indian thing?

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Is BKism an Indian thing?

Post20 Feb 2009

There have been a few new members of late giving a different perspective to how BKs affect their lives and home.

For westerners, or rather non subcontinent folks, the BKism is a sort of learning curve, the "double foreigner" that looks at the BK from the outside and works the way in.

But for the subcontinent BKs, is BK simply an Indian thing from the inside. The Murlis always say to put your mind into "Bharat", now that comes natural for those who are from India or have some roots in India, but how easy is it for someone from Greenland or from Oz or from Argentina to really put the minds into Bharat ? Well, according to Gyan God incarnates in Bharat, so therefore you should do so, but for double foreigners you are serving souls in a land where eventually everyone around you will drown and die. You are supposed to purify all the elements, except you cannot do it for the environment you are living on. If Bharat is so important, then why don't or why did not folks try to go and live there, since there is only one final birth ?

Sometimes double foriegners know more about India than Indians themselves, from an educational point of view. But can you ever be "Indian", the way some new members who have already given different and invaluable insights to the way Indians live. Can people here really contemplate the anguish Deccani and Sukhi go through ? Descartes quotes "As in Rome, do as the Romans do". So as in India, do as the Indians do. But if you are living in the UK, can you "As in UK do as the Indians do" ?

How about these new Indian forum members, do you think BKism is appropriate at all to non Indians ? I don't mean understanding Gyan, but simply can Joe Bloggski from Walsall understand Indian ? Can Jane Smith in the US make the same chappatis as Meera from Andra Pradesh ?
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Re: Is BKism an Indian thing?

Post02 Mar 2009

We are above nationality if we accept the doctrine of individuality, but anyway are we not of the same family. Many of us were probably Indian in a past life. Even Budhism has lost all Indianess, this could be about the nature of religion or the psychology of religion? Identity within religion.

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