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Re: "Jewels" from Dadi Janki or stones? (Fear based teachings)

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2010
by jann
Dadi Janki – 4.8.10 – GCH London

Bodiless with Baba

If you want good catching power, keep your intellect pure and peaceful and don’t let it go to other things – not even service. Baba makes me do whatever service is merged in the drama; I just have to be an instrument. All I’m doing is learning to be the instrument. Those who planned service and whom they served are not here today. I have to stay soul conscious, a renunciate and a serviceable soul.

The topics we took up in the bhatthis were 1) transformation 2) being an instrument and 3) becoming equal to the Father. Only those deeply concerned to transform will show the practical proof. To be an instrument is to become multi-million times fortune. Yes, you are fortunate that you’ve become Baba’s children and you are 100 times fortunate that you are moving ahead. The fortune of being an instrument means your vision and intellect are not pulled anywhere.

Your intellects wander during the day; if this happens during Murli, pinch yourself, for this tells you the state of your chart.Don’t remember service while in remembrance - service is serving others and remembrance is remembering Baba. It’s good to do service but remember: it’s the fourth subject. To pay attention to the self means: ‘I am a soul’; it means knowledge. Knowledge and service are not side by side. It’s Yoga, dharna and then service.

Baba ground knowledge into us. Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge but also the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Peace, and He is the Purifier. Baba explains first to the children first and then how to explain it to others. We can only explain to others when we practice ‘I am a soul’, ‘who is teaching me?’ and ‘what is the study?’ You can only have remembrance, when you have love for Baba, when there’s not the slightest carelessness and when you have made your intellect still and developed the power of concentration. Service is already accomplished; it will happen.

All Baba’s inspirations will become reality. Expansion is happening. Until today the Murlis are working in my life – in my heart. Some talk about receiving Baba’s touching - that’s a lie, a waste of time; they take Baba’s name and do what they want. Look how much time you’ve wasted. What if you’d spent that time in Baba’s remembrance – bodiless, beyond the awareness of the body and soul conscious (three stages of soul-consciousness)? The body will pull, relations will pull, habits will pull – Baba talked today of greed - these are all signs of being body-conscious. Have the desire to stay detached from the body. Body consciousness keeps you under the control of the bodily relations, which means your final moments will not be good – and you won’t be able to serve them in theirs.

How should we listen to the Murli? Don’t remember what I was or what others were like yesterday. Just think: what do I have to do today? Then you’ll get a lot of help and move forward. I have such deep bhavna for you all. How long will you continue to make mistakes? It makes me sorry to see you still doing the same things. I’m not as detached as Baba. I want to do something to help souls. You don’t have an Iron Aged nature any more but you’ve created for yourselves a nature of the present time, in terms of your effort and your fixed ways. What if I were to bring about this transformation?

Sweet Mama said: Everything is in the hands of the One who’s making us do everything. Baba will make me do everything accurately. So let me take Baba’s hand and Baba’s company.Gulzar Dadi has created the part of going to the Subtle Region but I’ve had to create the Subtle Region inside myself. If Baba is with me in the subtle form, I can do everything with Baba. With the soul in the forehead and Baba in the heart, I don’t need to go to the Subtle Region - Baba makes me completely subtle. What do you have to become now? Pigeons that acknowledge everything, parrots that repeat what Baba says and puppets that do whatever Baba wants. The string of my life is in Your hands. Come, my Beloved Shiv Baba, the Innocent One. Put your intellect in the hands of the Innocent Lord.

My fortune is in God’s hands. Only in soul consciousness, in Baba’s remembrance, bodiless can I put my hand to Baba’s hands. Follow Father Brahma and become bodiless in a second. Baba pulled my ears that, even though I may pay attention to making sure there are no attachments, no mistakes and there’s no body consciousness, still my Yoga is not accurate, if I don’t have the deep practice of bodilessness. This is such medicine. If there’s pain, keep quiet and go beyond it and receive God’s blessings. Have the one thought to be the garland around Baba’s neck. For this just listen to the Murli properly.Om Shanti.

Re: "Jewels" from Dadi Janki or stones? (Fear based teachings)

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2010
by filthy shudra
May I humbly request -

I for one would find it useful if these Copy and Pastes from Murlis and classes were accompanied by an explanation why this particular section was posted ... what caught your eye? What meaning are you seeing here?

Re: "Jewels" from Dadi Janki or stones? (Fear based teachings)

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2010
by jann
*Dadi Janki - 21st October 2010 - Shantivan *

*Meeting BKs from the UK and Europe *

We say 'Om Shanti' 3 times. Throughout the whole day 'Om Shanti' is very useful - I the soul am the embodiment of peace. When we remember Baba we receive power and when we remember drama then we remain unshakeable and immovable. Baba is mine and so I have a right to draw my Father's virtues and powers.

Baba has found you from all 4 corners and brought you to me. People used to ask me why I went abroad and I used to say 'I am looking for Baba's children!' I don't do anything - Baba is the One who finds all His children. He looks from up above and points down and says, "Catch this one'.

One finger of ours points up above to Him and to the home while the other points deep, deep inside the soul. *Today, ask yourself, 'How deep do I actually go?' How deep do I go inside myself and how far up above do I reach? Do I reach as far as Shantidham? Do I go deeply into the Avyakt stage? Who can go very deep? It is the soul who has an intense fire of love.* Only when there is an intense fire of love can the soul burn its sins of the past. When there is that love and that finishing of the past, the body also co-operates. I have to be clear with you about one aspect though and that is that 99 per cent of BKs are still under the influence of old nature and sanskaras. We may have adopted a good diet, become detached from our relatives, done service, given good classes... *but*...

If we want to remain in harmony we have to develop good tolerance. Do we remain in harmony first and then develop tolerance or do we develop tolerance and then remain in harmony? In Hindi 'harmani' means to accept defeat in order to prevent conflict - in order to remain in harmony. Hope, harmony and happiness. We may have hope but if we don't remain in harmony then how can we maintain the hopes Baba has in us? If I don't fulfill Baba's hopes in me can I really be happy internally? Only when there is tolerance can there be harmony.* If there is even the slightest delicacy in your nature then if it difficult to tolerate.* The heart becomes weak and then you cannot tolerate any more. *You keep on seeing and listening but rather than truly tolerating whereby you let everything go, you keep it all in your heart until you cannot tolerate any more.* Imagine the state of the heart then. Think of the state of your poor mind at that time. Will your mind be able to be Manmanabhav then? Will it be able to be Madhyajibhav? Not at all! *Only when the mind remains Manmanabhav can the heart be truly happy and content. Only when the mind remains Manmanabhav can the heart be happy because only then is it sitting with the Comforter of Hearts. *

Do you really consider Dilwala as your true memorial? Do you see yourself sitting in your small alcove having tapasya with the Comforter of Hearts? Baba has told us that all we have to do is to pay attention. Whatever I use in a worthwhile way in service is my fortune. When I use my time in a worthwhile way in service I am multi-million times fortunate. *Go beyond thinking of zones, centres and students and make yourself such that wherever Baba puts you, you do service at every step. You will then earn multi-millions at every step. I do not consider myself to have a zone, students or a centre. We need to go beyond these things and become ones who do service in every breath, wherever we are.* We don't have anything. Wherever you go you will get a bed to sleep on. If you don't get a bed then you can sleep on the floor! I have been here and there with just a tiny bag with a few clothes in it. What do I really need anyway? It is an aspect of deep happiness that in order to make our lives worthwhile Baba has given us true and original Gyan*. Baba has told us to go deep into the titles of Baba: Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. Go deep into knowledge and you will feel that you have attained everything. Churn knowledge and you will have a value for knowledge. You will then also develop good dharna. *

On what basis will my status become elevated? In every Murli Baba tells us to pay attention. Do you want to become number one in your effort or are you not really bothered? Baba has made us independant in our efforts. *He tells us that He will be our companion in whatever efforts we want to make in our lives*. Baba will remain with us until the end of life. Make yourself such that you will leave your body in happiness in every birth. Stay in your religion of peace, love and happiness. *When you remain in peace, happiness and love then you will feel a deep sense of belonging to this family. *This family are watching me! They see how I sleep, how I walk, talk, eat ... remain in this awareness of being on a world stage. Mama told me to always consider that the whole world was watching me.

There are a few things Mama shared with me which have been very useful in my life. Once, in Karachi, Mama had given someone a few correction and their face changed. Mama gave us a signal that whatever correction anyone received, we should not only accept it as our own but we should learn to use it in the right way - that is, to accept and accommodate it in our heart. Since then, whenever I have received a correction I have felt that it was a protection. Corrections can act like medicine but only if you use them in the right way. They will work at the right time so keep value for them. Reflect on them and use them for your benefit. *Secondly, Mama once told me never to keep anyone's defects even subtly inside.* Those defects will stay in the chit (the sub-conscious) and they become imprinted. I felt this to be a wonderful correction and that I should let my mind and chit be completely clean and pure. *Whatever is embedded in the sub-conscious, be it a personal memory, the defects of someone else or a situation, will trigger the old sanskaras to activate. As the old sanskaras work, they become our nature. This is why Baba tells us to check: Are my sanskaras and my memory track clean? Is my heart clean? *

Mercy, love and honesty. Brahma Baba had these qualities even before Gyan. People should see these in us now and understand whose children we are. We have come to Shiv Baba through Brahma and so we are the children of both. Let me make my character such that people can see the two fathers through me. Keep these two inside your eyes so that you experience so much attainment that your eyes sparkle. Now, go deep and ask yourself: Who am I. Who do I belong to and what do I need to do now?

Om Shanti

Re: "Jewels" from Dadi Janki or stones? (Fear based teachings)

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2010
by jann
May I humbly request -

I for one would find it useful if these Copy and Pastes from Murlis and classes were accompanied by an explanation why this particular section was posted ... what caught your eye? What meaning are you seeing here?

It is to show how manipulation is been done. And to show you that BK God's love is conditional and giving you a guilt trip all the time.

Re: "Jewels" from Dadi Janki or stones? (Fear based teachings)

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2010
by ex-l
Perhaps you could stick the complete talk in the Encyclopedia section and link to it, then just put the controversial piece here to make it shorter.

Janki has been coming out with this sort of stuff for decades. This is it. This is as "deep" as she and the BKs get. It is not depth, it is repetition ... it does not encourage thinking, it encourages acceptance through repetition. First, you are stuck in a light trance meditation; secondly, you are told this stuff again and again and again ... until you become it and you can trot it out almost word for word.

The piece I take from it critically is where she is basically encouraging her followers to adopt and accept total poverty ... and hand over all their wealth to the BKWSU suggesting that by doing so one will earning "multi-millions" ... it is always millions, millions, multi-millions. It is basically appealing to the financial insecurity/greed/gambling tendency of the type of Indians who make up their bulk, be they 'Gujerati shop owner' types (I generalise) or big buck Sindis. "Earn multi-millions".

What I laugh at is the "We don't have anything". "We", (they the BKWSU), have worked its way through 100s of millions of dollars or other people's money and HAS 10s of millions of dollars. They, (the centers in charge), have a income revenue stream primarily exploiting the religious sentiments of Hindis which allows them not to have to work and offers them life security and independence. How much "life security and independence" do most Indian women have? Nil. One wrong step, one unfortunate accident, an illness and they are beggars or starving to death.

Janki is trading on religious mythology, romantic religious sentiments ... and passing the bucket loads of bucks back - which they use to chase after and impress VIPs - whilst the young Sisters sleep on the floor and are treated like servants and slaves ... "earning multi-millions" whilst they do so.

How can you complain if you are being treated like **** with no life prospects for the future ... WE are allow YOU to earn MULTI-MILLIONS.
Whatever I use in a worthwhile way in service is my fortune. When I use my time in a worthwhile way in service I am multi-million times fortunate. *Go beyond thinking of zones, centres and students and make yourself such that wherever Baba puts you, you do service at every step. You will then earn multi-millions at every step. I do not consider myself to have a zone, students or a centre. We need to go beyond these things and become ones who do service in every breath, wherever we are.* We don't have anything. Wherever you go you will get a bed to sleep on. If you don't get a bed then you can sleep on the floor!

Re: "Jewels" from Dadi Janki or stones? (Fear based teachings)

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2011
by jann
Dadi JANKI – Q&A with BK Trushar Barot, GCH, 26th April 2011 - evening

Brother Trushar introduced Dadi, as his grandmother, and that he would be asking questions as a grandson to a grandmother, rather than an interviewer with an interviewee. Trushar requested that Dadi looks at him as a loving grandson whilst he asks these questions, so that no matter how silly the questions are the Grandmother will understand the innocence with which the grandson is asking.

In the context of this relationship Trushar asked:

How do you meditate Dadi? When we talk about Baba we all have different interpretations of who we are thinking about: Brahma Baba, Shiv Baba, the combined form, the Sakar form. When Dadi talks about Baba, what is her understanding of who Baba is and how does she think of Baba at Amrit Vela?

Dadi thinks of Trushar as a good Baba’s child, not a grandson! Dadi will accept and answer the questions with love. Each one’s experience of Baba is not different. Baba means Baba. There is Sakar Baba, Avyakt Baba and Narayan also. The Incorporeal One caught hold of the corporeal. The corporeal one remained Avyakt. We never saw him as an ordinary human being. Our way of seeing him changed. There was one Sister in the early days ,who would go into trance, and would see Baba in the Subtle Regions as well as in the Sakar form. She would ask who is he up ther e? Baba said that He was showing her the sparkling form beyond. Shiv Baba was making Brahma Baba Avyakt and also pulling all of us up above. We souls are to go beyond the consciousness of the body and bodily relations. We experienced Baba’s stage always like that . It was never a matter of trying to remember Baba, that form was natural. At Amrit Vela, we pay attention to Baba and he gives us a lot of sakaash, which sustains us throughout the whole day. This love, light and might allows us to remain detached and loving and so we don’t become tired.

Dadi will never miss 7pm meditation wherever she is. Baba said, in service be free of obstacles. Why do obstacles come in service? Because we don’t remain in Yoga accurately. At 7pm Yoga the stage can be that of an angel. Angels remove obstacles. This is what real remembrance is practically…to be pulled into the angelic stage. If I am having remembrance others will be pulled too. So move along according to the directions we receive. Then it is not a matter of trying to remember Baba, because I am following His directions. Sit with the Companion and see how He is with you.

You have a big advantage over us Dadi, as you have known Baba for many many years. During his Sakar days, he shared with you many secrets about progress and spiritual development. We have not had the same opportunity and I think it is easier for you to remember Baba!

Does anyone relate you to Surenderbhai’s son? It is Baba who has given you the intellect you have. Giving the return of the sustenance you have received from childhood makes you a multi times fortunate soul. Many didn’t take the benefit of the sustenance Baba gave. Mama took that benefit. Out of 300 only about 30 took complete benefit of the sustenance Baba gave. Today also, there are some who are trapped in their own things. They are not ready to be free . What can Baba do, what can Dadi do? Dadi will not let go of anyone and will find a method to bring them close.

During the day Dadi doesn’t sit down and meditate a lot. I think there is a deep secret that Dadi could share with us, as to what she does throughout the day whilst engaged in activity. How does she visualise her relationship with Baba then?

Dadi feels everyone will have the answer to this. Whatever Baba did, I do. Dadi has copyright and doesn’t know anything else. Dadi is happy with what everyone else is doing. Dadi would always encourage others. From the moment Dadi leaves the morning class, many wish to meet her. With an honest heart, stay light and remember Baba. Throughout the day there is the natural practice of remaining incorporeal internally and a lot of lightness in service. I was so light with Baba and would go to him at any time. He would see me and say come, come. This is love for God. The bhavna He has for me and the pull that I have. As soon as Baba called my name I would be bodiless. God’s blessing is that this name (Janak) would do two tasks: make souls incorporeal and make them trustees. Brahma Baba gave his body as the Chariot to Shiv Baba, yet is it with the rent that he becomes Narayan? No. This soul made his own effort and becomes Narayan. That One is the tenant and Brahma Baba is the master of the body.

Tests will come to the body, but think of the body as entrusted to Baba and He will take care of it. Don’t think of it as ‘my’ body because matter is tamopradhan; the atmosphere is tamopradhan; the medicines can create reactions – but think of the self as a child of God. The soul is a child of the Supreme Soul and the Supreme Soul says to the child ‘ you are sitting in that body, but you have to follow My directions and do My task’. Today Baba has said that thoughts, words, actions should be like Baba’s. What are Baba’s relationships with people like? Just keep watching Baba. Baba looks the same whoever He is with. He re minds us of Him and this is why I love Him so much. If someone is sick they are not honestly sick. It is because they are thinking useless things. Even if I was to leave the body let me be in Baba’s remembrance.

Bearing in mind that it is still the grandchild asking the grandmother a question…..what I would find useful is if you could share ....I can only see him as a soul, not a grandchild. Brahma Baba would never say that ‘I am the Father’. One time he explained that all of us have a mother and a Father, and he only has a Father, Shiv Baba. If the soul has the intoxication of who it belongs to internally, then we will experience Shiv Baba. Have this chit-chat with Baba.

Regardless of what Dadi says, I want to learn the best way to meditate. Coul Dadi speak a meditation commentary for us? I have seen Dadi do drills, but not a meditation commentary as such and I would really love to hear what she does. Could she do this for her grandchild?

You do not need a commentary. A commentary is a matter of coming into words and this is a matter of going beyond words. Those who have happiness go beyond sound. In this knowledge the experience is unique.

Dadi has shared many stories of the early days and what it was like. I would like to ask Dadi what were the first days in the UK like?

First Baba said, do not go to the foreign lands, you can do foreign service from here. Then Jagdishbhai created an exhibition for the foreign lands. Then Dr Nirmala and Mohiniben thought Jayantiben should come. Jayantiben said that she would come if Dadi came too. Didi and Dadi then said to Dadi that she should go to the foreign lands. I said, I do not know the language. The next day Baba came in Baba’s room especially; gave me drishti and said ‘ you have to go to the foreign lands’. I said ‘ Baba, I don’t know English and He said ‘ you go and cre ate a model of Madhuban, that is all’ – these words were wonderful. I went directly to Bombay and Rajniben’s Brother organised the ticket with Kuwait airlines. Dadi had a small bag with 3 sari’s. After being in Pune for 16 years, She never returned to take leave. When I arrived here, I just watched Baba’s wonder.

Dadi arrived in London on the 25th April 1974 and it was cold. Jayantiben would do the talks and Dadi would inspire her through her thoughts. Many would come to the lectures and this was Baba’s wonder. People started to ask ‘who did she learn these things from?’ and then they started explaining Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba. Many came then and had visions of Brahma Baba. In January 1975 we got 96 Tennyson Road and created Baba’s room. The Brothers who were spiritually born would come and have Amrit Vela there . Dadi would sit next to Sister Jayanti when she gave the course. Dadi had the thought that ‘Baba, I thought you had taught me to teach in Bharat but now I see how you are teaching me to teach souls of the world, and they are learning with so much interest.

We bought a car for £350 and drove it for 10 years. Jayantiben used to drive. I would tell her not to drive, but to sit in silence with Dadi. So a Brother then took on the driving. Someone brought a nice big car and I told them we didn’t need it. We could use a van though! To this day Dadi does not have her own car. Someone will always to offer to drive Dadi. Has Dadi ever wanted a car, never mind bought a coat or shoes?

I remember one incident that occurred that made me a little bit scared of Dadi. When in Baba Bhavan, Dadi called all the parents of the children and told them to remove the TV’s from their homes. From then I was always a bit worried when my parents would go to see Dadi in case she might ask them to remove more things. So why is Dadi not so strict anymore with the children these days?

If I wasn’t strict and didn’t ask you to move along according to the marayadas’s where would you all be? In the latest Murli’s Baba says to the double foreigner’s that you have changed all of your cultures and this is a wonder. One is not fully surrendered until you have the feeling of family. There are some who wish to surrender but they do not have the power to do this. They like the things that Baba feeds them. There are some who cannot break the habit of watching TV before going to sleep, and then they are unable to have Amrit Vela. TV is a TB, a sickness. Dadi does not even read newspapers. Be honest effort makers…and instead of watching TV, spend time in solitude. Don’t waste time. One time I said to Baba, that ‘you have had jeevanmukti in a second, we have taken years;’ Baba said ‘When something is understood, it is understood in a second’ – this is why I love Baba so much. Some have the fortune to understand and do in a second. The majority understand but can take years in actually doing it. Day and night, Dadi waits to find someone practically who will emerge and say ‘I understand’. What is effort? It is realisation. Transformation comes , when we understand and change. Some have no thought to change, just to follow their own heart. To them Dadi gives good wishes and hopes that they will climb Baba’s hearthrone, and then says Drama. When there is change, Baba teaches us to smile.

Yes, Dadi was strict in the beginning, not to frighten anyone, but it was necessary. Dadi also taught others not to waste money. Souls who are cooperative in any way, given them regard. I was firm in my systems and customs in order to make others firm in this way.

Dadi, you are talking about the importance of giving regard. What we notice about you, is your amazing ability to have faith in souls. Even if the whole world has dissatisfaction with an individual and even if that individual has lost hope in themselves, you still have that faith and still see the beauty in that soul…how do you do that ?

It is what Baba wants to give to that soul and Baba is pulling each soul to benefit them. It may be someone who has taken a high jump or just plodding along, but everyone needs to feel that Baba has love for them. When a soul is living in the family and making good effort no one will prevent them from making progress. The family becomes cooperative. Everyone should read Sunday’s Murli, two or three times…success with the right method. The system has been created here to do everything in the right way. Dadi will always go via Baba’s room when she arrives and leaves. Do you all do that ? Do you have such regard for Baba? I never think of Baba’s translight as Baba’s picture, but as the One who is giving an experience through the lucky Chariot. The more we recognise Him the more our fortune is created and we can create the fortune of others also. The more we have recognition for Baba, the more we recognise ourselves and can bring recognition to others. We should have such recognition of what Baba is giving to us.

We see ongoing images of the problems and what is happening in the world today. I am bombarded by all these images at work, at the BBC, many of which we cannot even broadcast because they are so disturbing. What does serving through the mind really mean when we are dealing with a world where souls are going through such trauma? How can I serve souls in a practical way, by serving through the mind?

Service through the mind… Our minds need to be pure and peaceful so we can serve here and the world. It is with our attitude that the atmosphere is created and our vibrations reach far. There were amazing scenes with Baba, in the Sakar days in Karachi. Wherever I go on the plane people say, I have seen you, because we do much service in the media. (Karunabhai has created the TV channel) As we sit in these gatherings people will have visions of these gatherings. I have such intoxication that if people were to have visions of this gathering of all nations, they would be amazed. Mahatma Gandhi also wanted non-violence but he was not able to bring people into unity with each other. Baba has said that non-violence is our religion. Move along with peace and love and realise that your religion is non-violent. These teachings are to practically make us into angels.

Once with Dadi Gulzar, Dadi commented that it takes time to take off the old clothes we wear and put on fresh clothes. Dadi Gulzar replied to just put on a transparent dress. Dadi loved this. We can do this when we have the natural practise to be bodiless and let everyone see us as a sparkling soul. Whatever was the old nature is gone and now others can have a vision of our new nature. The power that God is giving us is going to work for us. Never think things are difficult. Baba’s children come up with very good inventions. And these things will attract people. Such inventions in service can be created and if there is expense with this, OK thi s is using money in a worthwhile way. Show everyone your experiences, that happiness comes from within – not from possession, position and relationships.

Thank You Dadi.

Om Shanti

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by jann
Dadi Janki – 11.8.12 Evening – Q&A - GRC, European Teachers Retreat

Friendship, Trust and Love
    Q: There has been a general feeling that we are now working as friends, not as business partners. Can you expand on that?

    A: There is no such thing here as hierarchy, because there is fear in hierarchy and then there isn’t a feeling of belonging. You speak of the word friendly. I never use the word organization; we are a family, we are children of the one Father. If someone tries to say Namaste to me I shake their hand!

    All the differences that are created due to color, creed, religion etc in the world don’t exist here. I just follow Shrimat and therefore whatever words I speak are meaningful and sweet. The head stays cool, the heart happy. To have a simple nature means there is honesty within and sweetness in that. Then it is a friendship, not an ordinary friendship, it is a friendship created on the basis on the feeling of belonging to each other. The eyes of the world are opening and they are observing how you all work together, so you must all now wake up! In the world they all work for money or position only. Here the ones who don’t have any desire for money or position are the ones who will move forward.

    Q: In the process of working together, how do we build trust?

    A: I have spoken before about friendly love and motherly love. Many say they experience me to be like their mother. Subtly, if there is motherly love, just like Brahma Baba made souls belong to him, then with friendship there is equality and we make everyone belong to Baba. With motherly love we understand this is a home and we work with economy, so we create the atmosphere of the home with love. Motherly love melts the hearts of many souls. Many souls say they have not received the love of my mother because both mother and Father go to work. He is our Mother, Father, Teacher and Friend.

    If there isn’t friendliness, there is jealousy. On this path of knowledge we must remember our childhood, we are all children of the one Father. As students we just have one aim: to study together. However some have the sanskar of not being able to see others’ progress. Ask yourself: am I free of jealousy? Have the feeling that, just as I am taking from God, let everyone take from God as well. When we work together and all these subtle aspects end, there can be so much more spirituality in the gathering.

    Whenever I see someone new, I always feel that we should sustain this soul. This means that we just need to create the company of those who can make them happy. When there is love amongst us, there is happiness. How do we share happiness? Just keep giving it out as we walk and move around. No matter what happens don’t become upset. Don’t become moody. The feeling of wanting to learn enables others to stay light with me. Nobody should have the thought: who are you to tell me this? Don’t create doubt or suspicion. Pure feelings and trust build integrity. By remaining a trustee, it is easy to remain soul conscious. It helps others remain soul conscious too. Dadi has kept so much trust in souls. Even if you don’t have trust in yourself, remember the trust Dadi has in you. So let me remain seated on my seat. Courage, trust and pure feelings (bhavna) - even if you don’t have a penny, keep these with you. Sometimes I didn’t have the money to travel and yet I sat on the train and someone gave me a ticket…

    Q: The combination of clear knowledge and a powerful atmosphere pulls souls. Baba wants us to serve with our face and features. How do we create such an atmosphere?

    A: Dadi has so much love for all of you. It is very necessary to spread love. Take from Baba and realise that He is the Ocean of Love and we are thirsty for that love. Even if the souls of the world get a drop of that love, they feel so happy. The heart then can accept these simple teachings. Don’t remain dry. Some teachers don’t even smile at anyone all day! So do you have motherly love or friendly love? Create the right to receive love.

    We don’t want anyone who just gives orders here. Do everything with love. Don’t avoid or ignore anything. So it is time to sacrifice everything impure! Now finish all the weaknesses that remain.
Om Shanti.

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by jann
Dadi Janki – 7th October 2013 – Gyan Sarovar
With BKs assisting POM guests

Dadi has been watching you and Dadi has a question: You have been making efforts and there has been change. However, what is that last weakness that is keeping you from becoming perfect? Being in this elevated Brahmin gathering is the chance to have deep realizations of this kind. It is also the chance to finish those weaknesses forever.

Surely this is a wonder! Yet, is it the wonder of Baba? Or of the determined thought, ‘I have to change, and I have to change, now!’ Actually, it is only when these two come together that the wonder can begin. Efforts are that easy now. I just need to look at the self and Baba and speak the things of the heart to Him.

[On Dadi’s request, some BK Brothers and Sisters shared with Dadi the focus of their efforts, and what they wanted to take from the meeting with Dadi: the depths of honesty, humility and realization as a power, trusting the purity of intention, deepening surrender so that I am sure that I am doing what Baba wants me to do, and not what I want / need to do, managing to remain in pure feelings and good wishes in general and in the face of lots of differing opinions… Dadi’s response follows:]

Now we have to know the absolute value of time. When we give value to time, time itself will be of help to us. Am I making efforts with happiness? This requires us to go beyond effort making that is limited to our capacity alone. This is what time is calling us to do. Efforts made with happiness means Baba is with me in this. Good effort means that I am content with Baba and Baba is content with me. This is a very important question to think about deeply, to the exclusion of everything else: HOW CAN I MAKE GOD HAPPY?

Definitely Baba is happy when a child is honest and humble. In fact, this is the easiest way to have Yoga. Further, honesty and humility cleans the mirror of our heart and enables us to become a mirror for others. These are deep efforts and these are what are needed now.

When efforts are good, we find ourselves in a joyful state. Entertained! Good effort making does not mean we isolate ourselves in a room somewhere to ‘make intense effort’. That is not the right image. Our efforts should be part of a natural flow, sweeping us upwards. Simple. Nothing forceful or linear. Why? Because this is the nature of the One who is teaching us and giving us His companionship. Baba is the One doing everything. He is Karankaravanhar. Has there been full realization of this? If there has, the only thing left to do is: keep on smiling.

Take a good look at Brahma Baba’s smile. It is filled with sense and essence. It is the smile of one with an open, big, true heart; a heart that holds no reservations. It is a smile that comes from the feeling: All belong to me and I belong to all. This is the feeling we need to have and that others need to have on seeing us. Do you belong to France? Japan? No, no, no. You belong to Madhuban; you belong here. This is our home.

Obstacles divide into 3 types, and we need to check ourselves to see into which category we fit: 1) am I a creator of obstacles? 2) am I afraid of obstacles? Or 3) am I a destroyer of obstacles? By now it should be very clear that obstacles come only to enable us to grow, to become experienced, and to keep moving forward. Embrace them!

Watch out for disheartenment. Dadi would like everyone to write a list of 10 points about why I should never become disheartened. Disheartenment is a very subtle sign of body consciousness. It indicates that feelings of, ‘My Baba…; I am a Brahmin..; I am a tapaswi…’ have disappeared.

Whatever weak thought remains in the heart, emerge it in Amrit Vela. Remember Baba, and then bring in Dadi, and accept the extra power she will share in order to finish that weakness.

One last aspect of effort making: understand the importance of doing for the Yagya…whatever you do for the Yagya is what will come back to you. Some center residents become householders – they keep money aside, ‘for the future’. However, the truth is that it is those who take care of the Yagya are the true effort makers. Nothing will ever be missing from their treasure store…

Om Shanti

Re: "Jewels" from Dadi Janki or stones? (Fear based teaching

PostPosted: 10 Oct 2013
by Pink Panther
However, what is that last weakness that is keeping you from becoming perfect?


Re: "Jewels" from Dadi Janki or stones? (Fear based teaching

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2013
by Mr Green
i am perfect, what's keeping you all?