Another BK suicide - open letter to Jayanti

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: Another BK suicide - open letter to Jayanti

Post03 Dec 2014

I would say in BKism suicide is looked upon as futile as, by their theory, you would come back with the same pains and problems to deal with in the next life ... with the added extra burden and, ultimately, regret of missing out on the only opportunity to clear one's karma and earn one's fortune for the next 5,000 years ... forever.

The BKs generally conceptualise in 5,000 year segment but as they believe the 5,000 Year Cycle repeats identically right down to a molecular level every 5,000 years, it essentially means "forever". Whatever you do, whatever you experience, you will do so FOREVER ... and if it is bad or uncomfortable, then that is your fault (by the Law of Karma). Therefore, you would - in theory - miss out on many years until you were able to come back to BKism in your next life.

The problem being within BKism, unlike in Buddhism and Hinduism etc, there is basically only one lifetime to reach perfection within the Sangum Yuga. This in itself could only increase the pressures on someone with suicidal tendencies.

Committing suicide is definitely seen as a sign of weakness (a "weak brick" exploding in the kiln of the BK oven process) but I cannot remember any deep and specific classes about it, e.g. I cannot remember them teaching it had a specific karmic effect.

In Ranjana's case, I did know her, I'd say it was a desire for self-annihilation. The only way out of the pain she was in.

I did not know her in the last phase of her life. She started out as a "surrendered Sister" within the cult but somehow ended up in a highly taboo and ultimately doomed relationship with another long term BK, who I also knew. I have no idea how that happened ... I could only speculate according to my own experiences of him ... and it was a surprise to me hear.

But as a BK who has had sex, the whole "family" or centre knowing about it as they were both high profile BKs, I can imagine the feelings about herself which she was enculturated into and why she thought killing herself might be the only way out.

In this case, as there were other factors involved and she tried twice to do so, I don't think one could just put it down to brain chemistry etc. I'd like to know more ... I'd like to know if she was still in love with the unobtainable BK Brother. Dying as she did must surely have been a statement to others too?

(She did exactly what the BKs say ... "making love is like jumping from a 5 storey building").

Was she not able to talk to anyone? Was there no one there for her? Had she separated from Julian, had Julian gone back to the BKs ... had the BKs told them - as is their habit - to separate completely from each other? Had he gone back and she not wanted to ... or wanted to stay with him outside of the BKs? Many questions are left.

After BKism it is very difficult to impossible to wipe the mental slate clean and utterly impossible to regain the lost time and experiences, especially for female BKs for whom finding a partner and child bearing etc has a time limit.

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