Body language: Meeting on Management and Spirituality

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Body language: Meeting on Management and Spirituality

Post21 Mar 2009


Has anyone studied body language? If so, could you share what the body language is saying on this video. Sorry for those who do not understand Spanish but I think it does not matter even if you do not understand Spanish.

Gracias, Viva
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Re: Body language: Meeting on Management and Spirituality, 2008

Post21 Mar 2009

Difficult to say, not my speciality ... a little bit freaky but it would really help to know better what she is saying. I am just fixated by the body-conscious pruning that has gone into that animate unibrow. It is distracting me from any soul-conscious references whatsoever.

What is this? To me, it looks like a typical neo-BK "service" event, that is masquerading as some other event where you cant tell who is the Brahma Kumari and who is not. "Meeting on Management and Spirituality", Collbató 7 and June 8 of 2008. Organized by Eutopia (, Foundation Ananta (, Auger Foundation ( and Brahma Kumaris ( is not the Auger Foundation is one of those BK run "illegitimate children" of the BKWSU and the Oxford Leadership Academy? I don't know how many of the others are as well.

The whole tie in between a mediumistic doomsday cult and "corporate consulting" kills me ... let face it, the honest ones are just doing it for the money. What is it all about? They've worked the Hindi market, they have worked the hippy market, they have worked the interfaith market; being too shy to get involved in huma rights, environmentalism or social work ... is it the only one left?

There is a related spin off which, notably, has a BK corporate consultant doing Raja Yoga classes using their corporate email address, [url]here[/url], which targets students under stress from exams.

Antes de empezar con la fiebre de los exámenes no os podéis perder el taller de Maditación y rendimiento académico que conducirá Guillermo Simó el próximo 28 de mayo en un aula por asignar de nuestra facultad de Psicología. No dejéis escapar esta oportunidad GRATUITA para prepararos para afrontar los exámenes con menos estrés.

Guillermo Simó es formador en temas de desarrollo personal, habilidades de liderazgo y relaciones humanas. Durante los últimos veinte años ha impartido numerosos cursos y seminarios sobre estos temas por toda España. Es el coordinador de programas de la Asociación Brahma Kumaris, que promueve la práctica de la Meditación Raja Yoga, de la que es profesor con 22 años de experiencia. Por favor, confirmarnos vuestra asistencia porque las plazas son limitadas a Gracias

(Before starting exam fever, you can not miss the meditation workshop by leading academic consultant Guillermo Simó next May 28 in a class allocated by our faculty of Psychology. Do not let this opportunity slip by, be ready to face the exams with less stress. Guillermo Simó is a trainer in the areas of personal development, leadership skills and human relations. During the last twenty years has taught numerous courses and seminars on these topics throughout Spain. He is the program coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Association, which promotes the practice of Raja Yoga meditation, which is a teacher with 22 years of experience).

There is another couple of videos where the BKs (Maureen Goodman) get to do their 'died in the wool' salepitch on top of it all. With a wonderful Dadi Janki Kripalani quote ... ha.
Dadi Janki wrote:It is a lack of truth to think that the one who insults me is my enemy and the one who praise me is my friend.

There is a "Encuentro Management y Espiritualidad" on the go too where Salvador García of organisers is doing a gig just after with Jayanti Kirpalani, so I guess it is the usual mix of 90% BKs, most "in disguise", and 10% non-BKs to give it the semblance of a non-cultie event.
Encuentro de Management y Espiritualidad: Otra conciencia es posible, otra empresa es posible

Fecha: 7 y 8 de junio 2008

Lugar: EADA Collbató. Información de cómo llegar en:

Organizadores: Fundación Augere, Eutôpia-Consultores sin Fronteras, Brahma Kumaris, Fundación Ananta


Silencios generativos
Meditación Raja Yoga de centramiento espiritual
Dieta vegetariana preparada en estado meditativo
Diálogos apreciativos
Traffic control: un minuto en silencio por cada hora de actividad
Expresión Creativa
Charlas inductoras

Esquema de los Módulos de Diálogos apreciativos + Meditación:

1. Centramiento meditativo 15 min,
2. Diálogos en parejas 30 min
3. Diálogo en grupo 30 min
4. Diálogo en asamblea 45 min


Inicio 7 de junio, con posibilidad de dormir el 6 para los que vienen de fuera de Barcelona

Ponentes: BK Jayanti, Salvador García, Joaquín Tamames y Jordi Nadal

Moderadores/presentadores: Paco Giménez y Miriam Subirana


09:30 Recepción
10:30 Bienvenida e introducción al seminario
11:00 Charla inductora I: Inteligencia espiritual, valores y dirección de empresas
12:00 Diálogos apreciativos I
13:30 Presentación creativa: Inteligencia espiritual, valores y dirección de empresas
14:00 Almuerzo vegetariano
16:00 Presentación de los libros: Meditando el Management y la Vida La brújula interior
16:45 Diálogos apreciativos II
17:45 Pausa
18:00 Charla inductora II: Meditación y Alto Rendimiento
19:00 Inducción al silencio generativo
20:00 Cena en silencio
21:00 Concierto
22:00 Descanso


04:00 Meditación matutina (opcional)
07:30 Meditación guiada
08:30 Desayuno
09:30 Charla inductora III: El poder de la presencia
10:00 Charla inductora IV: La Eutopía de la dirección por Conciencia
10:30 Diálogos apreciativos III
12:00 Presentación Creativa: El poder de la presencia
12:30 Conclusión Colectiva
13:30 Palabras finales de los ponentes
14:30 Almuerzo vegetariano
15:00 Despedida

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