for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Post19 Jan 2008

Maybe this song belongs here.

Great song.

Dionne Warwick - heartbreaker.

There's even lyric subtitles so you can sing along.

I think this song is suitable for BKs, PBKs and ex-BKs alike.

peter de


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Post19 Jan 2008

Hey Bansy,

I don't like this kind of music but it's intresting to post a love song here because the relationship with God and with Baba is more or less a relationship between the lover and the beloved. Do you feel that Baba is a heartbreaker?

In today's Murli Baba has said: "I liberate you from sorrow and make you happy. The Father's task is to make everyone happy." But maybe not everyone becomes happy after meeting Baba and live life in Gyan ...? I guess not (this site proves it) ...

Is it because we misunderstand what He says? Is it because of body-consciousness? The singer sings "How can I love you when you aren't around". That's body-consciousness. Spiritually speaking, there is no distance between me and you, between you and God. But because of our desire to do everything physically, we are disappointed in God. No? So, there is just one solution: be soul-conscious! That's what I try to do. Otherwise we'll be captured for ever in that Bhakti wailing and crying, a heart aging for love and never get it, always complaining and feeling treated not right ...

With LOVE, Peter


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Post19 Jan 2008

Hi Peter,

It is best to listen to the song/songs with the understanding or by trying to understand the the entire drama and the complete cycle the songs come into, which includes the start middle and end of the Confluence Age. God can break your heart but you will find it again. Is it that incredible. You may have many physical relationships over time but they will be temporary, if only for fun or for serious. But you can never get away from the one spiritual relationship.

I guess this depends if you believe you are a child of God.

If you think deeply about it, all songs (love songs that is) that appear physical (body conscious is the BK term) is about a spiritual relationship.

So when you are able to listen to a song and stay detached and appreciate it, and this also includes movies etc then you will appreciate a lot about what there is around you. Insecurities are created when you have temporary aims and not being able to keep promises to oneself. No-one else is disappointed or crying except the self.
But maybe not everyone becomes happy after meeting Baba and live life in Gyan...? I guess not (this site proves it)...

This site proves nothing like that. Don't be misinterpreted. There maybe folks who stumble but they ultimately find peace in another way. One must not take away the respect and dignity of someone who leaves the BKs. It is part of only one small step in that process. Similarly for the BK too. Life is a jigsaw and only you can solve your own puzzle. However, someone/thing made that puzzle for you. This site is simply a tool, or to borrow another member's recent method, is just another magnifying glass. This site would not be here if there was no BK.

(That last sentence, for the PBKs, you would not be here if there was no BK).
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Post20 Jan 2008

It also depends if BapDada has anything to do with any god ...

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