Hypocrites, fraudsters or deluded?

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: Hypocrites, fraudsters or deluded?

Post13 Sep 2009

That makes me think of Jayanti in a new light. I just know that a lot of people, especially women, had serious issues with her. If she's just following out of obligation then I could see how she would be frustrated and lose "faith." Maybe she knows it's all a hoax and is trapped like everyone else. And if this is the case then, of course, she would give other women a hard time too. Misery likes company after all.

And it wouldn't be the first time she got chewed out by Dadi Janki either.
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Re: Hypocrites, fraudsters or deluded?

Post13 Sep 2009

So what is left in it for Jayanti then? She is not entirely stupid. She has been living inside the shackles of Dadi Jankism the whole of her adult life.

It is just food and board until she retires ... Queen of the BKWSU ... or just the lack of any other options in life?

Why is she teaching it, and fronting up for them, if she no longer believes in it!?!

What would be interesting to find out is whether she has any independent and personal money handed down from her mother and Father. If you think about it from the BKWSU point of view, that is basically equal to saying that she thinks their God is stupid and talks a load of crap.
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Re: Hypocrites, fraudsters or deluded?

Post13 Sep 2009

ex-l wrote:It is just food and board until she retires ... Queen of the BKWSU ... or just the lack of any other options in life?

In this showbusiness they are running, it is Sister Jayanti's role to tell with her perfect language skills, graceful gestures and controlled sweet voice fabricated stories, according to the niveau of the audience, and impress them and convince them that she is telling the truth.

I was there after Dadi Paraskmani's demise, saw it with my eyes and heard it with my ears how she told to a group of very young BKs who wanted to learn how "Dadiji passed away" with tears in her eyes and a trembling voice, like a hero actor in an ancient Greek tragedy:
Sister Jayanti spoke not wrote:"She died so suddenly. We are all in shock. We were not prepared. Suddenly she was gone. We could not believe. They are telling that Dadiji suffered from Alzheimer's disease. No, this is not true. She became with her own will years ago Avyakt. She cut all of her relationships with the world and lived in her inner world because she was fed up from the gossips and complaints of the BKs about other BKs. She did not wanted to listen to them any more ...".

So, from the in front of hundred thousands of BKs (live webcast!) developing heavy Alzheimer's disease of Dadi Prakashmani who lived years long like a baby under total care of several BK Sisters, and months long in the Hospital in Delhi in coma, Sister Jayanti fabricated in a minute a myth of a holy saint who was very healthy but died suddenly and left them in shock(!).

It is absolute showbusiness and Sister Jayanti is like Dadi Janki, gifted with perfect acting skills and creative imagination for stories to perform on the stage.

Both these ladies are addicted to play the archangel's role without having the power to heal anybody or without having the goodness to give a blessing to anybody in their lifetimes.


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Re: Hypocrites, fraudsters or deluded?

Post22 Sep 2009

Speaking of delusion.
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 08:06:29 +0800
From: Brahma Kumari Pari
Subject: God has told us that Christianity and Islam are going to be completely eradicated from the face of the earth.
To: "Mailto:Mbranparker (AT) Yahoo (DOT) Com (E-mail)"

Sweetest President of the US, Vice-President of the US, Senators and Representatives of the US and Sirs / Madams of the US Media, etc,

I am Brahma Kumari Pari and I am a Raja Yogi. Through the visions which you see through me, you will be able to see how Christianity and Islam gets completely eradicated from the face of the earth. It is currently the dynasty of the Christians. However, as the Christians and Muslims wage war against each other for world control, those of the Deity Religion (Hindu Religion) will gain the world kingdom. Then, the Deity Religion will spread all over the world again as it was before, and Christianity and Islam will be completely eradicated from the face of the earth. The Deity Religion dynasty begins with the creation of the new heavenly world.

As the Raja Yogis, of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, get more and more powerful, the destruction of the old world gets closer and closer. Thus, wars, the number of natural calamities like earthquakes, fires, wild storms, floods etc increases with time until the old corporeal world is deep within the depths of destruction. The fact that wars, fires, earthquakes, uncontrollable storms, floods etc are happening all over the world is a reflection of what is happening within the Brahma Kumaris. All these destructive natural calamities, wars etc have already begun.

The destructive process and the creative process are already in progress. But it will take some time for the whole process to get completed. When the fatal bombs of the 3rd world war (which helps to destroy the old corporeal world) are finally released, the winds, rains, earth, oceans, rivers etc become the servants of those who intensely practice Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga, and they will keep the atomic gases away from the region around the River Jamuna in Northern India because this is where the creation of the new heavenly world will begin from.

God has told us that the government of India will pass into the hands of the Brahma Kumaris. A time will come when the Indian government will no longer be able to control the situation in India. Then, the Indian government will be handed over to the representative of the Brahma Kumaris. (I will be there, in India, at that time.)

The representative of the Brahma Kumaris will be able to have control over this country, through the assistance of others who practice Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga. B.K. Letchu (current President of Persatuan Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Malaysia in Bangsar, Malaysia) will be one of those who will be assisting to control the situation in India at that time. Then, from there, the whole world will slowly come into our hands.

Though God tells us that the creation of the new world will only take place (in the material sense) when we ( Raja Yogis ) are ready, the fatal bombs of the 3rd World War will be released within the next 10 to 12 years. As the Raja Yogis get more and more powerful, the date for this fatal destructive process will get closer and closer. The fatal bombs that would be released finally are those which can kill everyone on earth unless the people are protected through various means. However, since there wouldn't be any new souls coming down from the Soul World, and since all souls would be returning to the Soul World, even those who have kept themselves protected will die without leaving any descendant to continue.

Only the deity souls would be coming into the corporeal world at that time and the Raja Yogis of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University would be providing them with perfect corporeal bodies through the power of Yoga. The new world would be created in Northern India at about the time when the fatal bombs are released. Then, during the next 30 years, there will be expansion of this heavenly world and slowly, heaven will exist all over the world. Then, only the Deity Religion will exist and it will be the dynasty of the deity religion. Miracles are going to happen through what is happening in the Brahma Kumaris.

If you wish to have further information or clarification, you could contact me at:

No.30, Jalan PJS 9/30, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Tel: 03-56359037 or 03-56362419; E-mail: bkry (AT) streamyx (DOT) com; Web site: http://www.Brahma-Kumari.com.

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Post Box No.2, Mount Abu, 307501 Rajasthan, India ; Tel: 91-2974-38261 to 68; Fax: 91-2974-38952 /38883; Web-site: http://www.brahmakumaris.com; E-mail: bkabu (AT) vsnl (DOT) com

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