BKWSU Conquers Mongolia: care of Khan Bank & Indian Embassy

for ex-BKs to discuss matters related to experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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BKWSU Conquers Mongolia: care of Khan Bank & Indian Embassy

Post21 Jun 2009

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Give me a break ... if Gengis Khan was not enough, do these people enver rest? Here we go again with another world domination troop riding out on the plains of Mongolia ... this time, the Shiv Shakti Army?!

It seems BK Helen Ong beamed up from Penang (Singapore-Malaysia) in May 2007, to "create her subjects" and claim a new kingdom for Baba. And it seems they have parachuted in a "senior" Indian to run the business, as usual. There is a "metaphysical business consultant - Miss Helen Ong" listed in Google but I am not sure this is the same person. The person working the Malaysian Singaporean Friendship Circle Mongolia certainly is.
Helen Ong wrote:I first visited Mongolia in 2006. Then in end May 2007 I came to establish an international NGO and have been here since to look after its activities.

Spiritual Talk in Khan Bank Theater, Mongolia.

The Brahma Kumaris are "bankrolled", literally this time, by a bank and the Embassy of India. They also whore out the usual rubbish about "the ancient Yoga meditation of Bharat (India)". Its not true. The Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga is not the "Ancient Raja Yoga" of India. It dates back no further than 1950, as there was no "God Shiva" in their religion before then.
There is an another English Language Talk in the Khan Bank Theater Friday May 15th, 2009. The speaker for the evening is BK Meera Nagananda, Director of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, SE Asia. She is from India with 40 years of practice of the ancient Yoga meditation of Bharat (India). She travels very widely around the world sharing the wisdom she has learnt and practised and is in Mongolia for only 2 days so don’t miss this opportunity.

Time: 1800
Date: Friday 15 May 2009
Venue: Khan Bank Theatre, Seoul St


Human potential is absolutely phenomenal. Within each one of us lies dormant, untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. What would your life be like if you could reach your peak potential and become the person you want to be? Are you ready to expand your horizons and start on the path to personal fulfilment, purpose and productivity? Now is the time to tap all your hidden potential, discover your strengths, and allow yourself to make it happen.

Discover how to:

    activate and release your potential
    leap over self-limiting blocks, past failures and disappointments
    never become complacent
    enlarge your personal capacity
    trade negative impressions for peace and joy
    turn present encounters into grand opportunities
    understand life’s incredible timing and direction
    use compassion, empathy and humour to brighten life

    RSVP: Khan Bank as in attachment or em: helenong108@yahoo.com

This community service program is brought to you with the cooperation of Embassy of India, Khan Bank Foundation, Brahma Kumaris Mongolia.
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Re: BKWSU Conquers Mongolia: care of Khan Bank & Indian Embassy

Post23 Jun 2009

ex-l wrote: They also whore out the usual rubbish about "the ancient Yoga meditation of Bharat (India)". Its not true. The Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga is not the "Ancient Raja Yoga" of India. It dates back no further than 1950, as there was no "God Shiva" in their religion before then.

The Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga were complied by the Great Sage Patanjali Maharishi ('Yoga Sutras of Patanjali') and are a sequential series of disciplines that purify the body & mind, essentially leading the practitioner to enlightenment. These 8 Limbs are:

    1. Yamas - "Restraints" or the "don'ts" are divided into 5 moral injunctions working from the base up in nature. Practiced in word, thought and action.

      * Ahimsa - Non-violence
      * Satya - Truthfulness
      * Brahmacharya - Moderation in all things or control of the senses
      * Asteya - Non-stealing
      * Aparigraha - Non-covetousness/grasping
    2. Niyamas - "Observances" or the "do's" are also divided into 5 and complete the ethical portion of what started with the Yamas. These qualities are:
      * Saucha - Purity both internal and external
      * Santosha - Contentment
      * Tapas - Austerity
      * Swadhyaya - Study of Sacred texts
      * Ishwara Pranidhana - Surrendering to Divine Will, living in constant awareness of the Divine
    3. Asana - Postures
    4. Pranayama - regulation and control of the breath. (Asana and Pranayama together form Hatha Yoga - a sub-division of Raja Yoga)
    5. Pratyahara - withdrawal of the senses to still the mind, or inner awareness
    6. Dharana - concentration.
    7. Dhyana - meditation (state of pure thought and absorption in the object of meditation)
    8. Samadhi - superconscious state, or blissful union. In Samadhi, non-duality or oneness is experienced. This is the deepest and highest state of consciousness where body and mind have been transcended and the Yogi is one with the Self or God.
Looks like they skipped a few steps and adapted the practice to suit their needs.
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Re: BKWSU Conquers Mongolia: care of Khan Bank & Indian Embassy

Post23 Jun 2009

Nah ... they just took the name "Raja Yoga" because Lekhraj Kirpalani was obsessed with "Royalty", especially British royalty. Both he and the BKs are full of boasting. They just used the mystical reputation of Patanajali's Raja Yoga for their own good.

Then along come a load of guru obsessed Westerners, idiot sociologists and journalists, who know nothing about the real traditions of India and repeat the lie 10,000 times until it sticks. The term "Raja Yoga" is someone else intellectual property that the Brahma Kumaris have stolen.

I find it pathetic that they claim 'THEIR" Raja Yoga is the MOST ancient one in public because, according to their belief in The 5,000 year Cycle, THEY taught it 5,000 years ago whereas the yogis of India only taught theirs 2,500 years ago.

Does this in itself not portray the whole shameless, ignorant, conceited, boastful, dishonest idiocy of it all? Its all a smokescreen of deceit. People have to see this and look behind it to discover what is going on.

    "Our Raja Yoga is oldest and best-est one ... its the highest one, yours is just a copy"
    "Oh, no, it is not ..."
    "Oh, yes it is ... yours is only a memorial of ours"
    "Oh, no it is not ..."
    "But you are the ignorant ones ... we are the enlightened ones ... and Patanjali's Raja Yoga is only a partial and imperfect copy"
    "Oh, no it is not ..."
    "Shudra ... Shudra ... Shudra ... you are so body-conscious. We are soul-conscious ... we are the higest ... our Dadi is one of the top 8 souls in the world!!!".
Besides which ... all those things to do are far too difficult for a BK to remember, so just apply a dot. Don't think. Don't question. Hand over your money and be happy.



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Re: BKWSU Conquers Mongolia: care of Khan Bank & Indian Embassy

Post23 Jun 2009

The term "Raja Yoga" is someone else's intellectual property that the Brahma Kumaris have stolen.

The whole Hindu tradition has scant regard for accuracy, heritage and acknowledgement. Respect for historical accuracy is not part of its culture. Each and every variant traces itself back into antiquity to lend itself authority, whist at the same time disowning the immediate predecessors whom they ripped off!

Even Shankarachaya had the audacity to call his teachings "Vedanta" which means "the end of the Vedas" (as in: the completion or fulfillment). Like Mohammed is the last prophet and Prajapita Brahma is the only medium, AND the first diety etc ... all these dudes are either self proclaimed (Baha'ula of the Ba'hai faith is another one), or proclaimed by their immediate disciples (look at what St. Paul did to Christianity).

Even Patanjali's Sutras were codified after the influence of the Buddhist Yogachara school, which really did most of the work for him (and it is unclear if Patanjali's sutras are the work of one person, or named for the ancient Irish comedy duo). The Yogachara, being non-theistic, went deeply into the understanding of the human body, anatomy, posture, energy centres, the correlation with emotional and psychological well-being and so on. They had teachings which are akin to modern psychology - e.g. the idea of the unconscious and consciousness - which no-one else came up with until the 19th and 20th centuries (e.g. Freud, Jung et al who took a lot of inspiration and direction from these yogachari Buddhist teachings). A lot of even what is in Murlis - smritti, vritti etc - taken as "explaining" Hindu "misconceptions" really were developed at this time.

Maybe it is because (yogachara and esoteric) Buddhism is non-theistic, and focus on understanding self from the ground up, not from the top down, that it has never blown it's own trumpet the way most religions do. Yet its real influence is incredible - from China through the pre-islamic mystic (nee Sufi) traditions, across into the Hellenic and Judeaic traditions. That photo earlier in another thread, of the Bamayana Buddhist statues being destroyed in Afghanistan by the Taliban - that area of Afghanistan was once the centre of the Buddhist world.

No, the BKs are only really doing what most Hindu sects (and other religions) have done throughout history.
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Re: BKWSU Conquers Mongolia: care of Khan Bank & Indian Embassy

Post23 Jun 2009

Meera Bhen ... a wonderful exchange she had with my 5 year old son in Madhuban:

We were going from Taleti to Gyan Sarovar and my 5 year old kid was seated in the bus. This Sister wanted that seat and kiddo will not.

    Meera: "You are not a good boy, not giving your seat to Sister".
    Kiddo: "What about you, you must be a bad girl asking for a small boy's seat".
She really went red ... and so did all the rest of the Indian Brothers in the bus.


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